16 January, 2003

The letter from Denis Urubko:

Good days and luck!

Me and Vassiliy descended from 6400 after the hard job during the storm : we added 300 m of fixed ropes - now there are 650 m above the Camp 1. In this rush Vassiliy worked ahead, I was only as a horse, carrying ropes and other eqipment. We crossed not so steep rocks (130 m) and then went by ice. There we reached the couloir, where some stones fell from - it was too dangerouse. We spent two nights in Camp 1 and made it more comfortable despite the bad weater. We hope, that in few days our team will set Camp2. Also, everybody suppose, that on the route till Camp 4
we won't have serious difficulties. It seems as a rock ridge, but not so steep - short wall, short flat place and the same again and again.

Now two Polish climbers are on the route. We watch them by monocular, and hope, that they will finished their part of work. Here, in ABC wind continiues to shake our tents, it blows from the West, but turns into all sides in this valley. After 2-3 days of rest Gia, Ilias , Vassiliy and me will go up! Everybody of our team like your website, and send you best regards!

Denis, 01.15.03 11-51 a.m.

Sponsors of Denis: MANARAGA, SALICE, CSCA of Kazakhstan

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