14 February 2003

The letter from Denis Urubko:

Hello, Lena! I've just descended to the BC and 'm very tired.

Three of us - Marcin, Piotr and me - reached Camp 3 during the storm. But the weather was fine next day, and we began our work - we installed 400 m of the fixed ropes above the Camp 3 and replace the tent in Camp3 carefully. We continued the work next day - fixed 250 m of the ropes more. Marcin felt very tired and descended next morning. We continued in spite of the worst weather, fixed 100m of ropes more and reached the altitude 7750 m (GPS), where have set our small tent. That place is saved from West winds by rocks. Now we have descended to the BC.

Denis, Feb. 13, 6-07 p.m.

Sponsors of Denis: MANARAGA, SALICE, CSCA of Kazakhstan

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