16 February 2003


Denis Urubko wrote from the ABC :


Today Darek and Machek left Camp 3 for Base Camp. Not very good weather forecast, but... We should keep the camps, but it seems that now everything will be finished, since these guys leave tents unprotected. In few hours they will be in the ABC.

Welicky is going up solo. If he will not acclimatise now, there will be nobody, able to climb the Mountain. Petrek is somewhat ill and I will not go alone. Too crazy. I expect a baby this year. Do you understand what I feel now?

Look- almost the whole route is ready for the summit rush (200-250 meters of relatively simple rocks) - and nobody is ready for the climb.

I'm resting now, perfect state. How are you there? It is colder now in SPb, is it? When we slept in Camp 4 Petrek was shrieved because of cold the whole night. I woke up several time. It was -29 C in the ABC.

We are robbing camps of previous expeditions- gaz, food :). Not bad. Petrek -crazy man- brought the GPS and we know the altitude- 7750m.

All the best,
Denis, Feb 14, 2-39 p.m.

Translated by Andrey Shiryaev

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