3 January, 2003


Holyday is cancelled


On the night of New Year's Eve, the temperature at the upper base (5100 m) amounted to minus 30.5 deg. C. How did the alpinists get ready for New Year's Eve?

"I cancelled all holidays and balls this and next year", said Krzysztof Wielicki from the upper base on the evening of New Year's Eve through the radiotelephone. "There's going be a short dinner, some Christmas greetings and then we're going to sleep, because in the morning we're going to climb. K2 is right in front of us, so big that it won't fit into the 35 mm camera lens. Besides, we have very severe conditions here. It's hard to get rocks from under the ice to make some room for the tents. You have to hit one stone with another to knock it out. In general, however, it's okay. Seeing my friends climbing the slope nearby tells me they are willing to fight."

The alpinists celebrated the first day of the New Year by installing handlines along a 250 m long section of the Northern Pillar. The way up is open.

Monika Rogozinska, 01.01.03