"7 Summits Club"

Alexander Abramov. The leader of expedition of the Alpindustria Adventure Team - Seven Summits Club Seven. By the satellite phone: ": in general they have offered us to take off back for Antarctica >.

January, 21 in 6 p.m. we have arrived to Punta Arenas from Antarctica. Our expedition was finished, but, as always, unexpected adventures occurred. Due of numerous delays we came too late - our Chilean visa was finished. And when we have arrived, half of our team (Alexander Abramov, Dmitry Mohnachev and Nadejda Voskresenskaya) was stopped by frontier guards. They have refused us to step on the territory of Chile. We have spent more than one hour in a neutral zone. Then frontier guards nevertheless have passed us to Punta Arenas, having received a guarantee from company ALE (Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions).

Now our passports are at frontier guards to prevent our escape. An officer of immigration service will accompany with us up to the airport in Santiago. And we shall be obliged to pay his "services".

Despite of it, we do not lose of presence of mind, have spent in a bar all evening. We drank not so much, that, God forbid, also to not get in police.

Though now we are people without passports, we think about great future. I want to remind, that an Everest expedition will start on the 1th of April. Now we have already 15 person, that will take part in it.