National Antarctic expedition will begin in November, 2005 due to initiative of Kazakhstan Mountaneering Federation and under the patronage of Russian Arctic and Antarctic Institute. In the First Kazakhstan Antarctic expedition in Winter 2001-2002 Baglan Zhunusov, Ervand Iljinsky and Victor Ivanov climbed Vinson peak.

On the picture:at the top of Vinson peak. From left to right - Ervand Iljinsky, Victor Ivanov (with American flag of climber, who made a picture) and Baglan Zhunusov.

The goal of this year project is first climbs of virgin peaks in area of Queen Maud land near the Russian station Lazarevskaja in Mjulig-Hofman and Orvin mountains (These mountains were first named after Dregalsky, but very often you couldn't find first adventor's names at the modern Antarctic maps).

Expedition members:

Baghlan Zhunusov - the leader.

Ervand Iljinsky

Victor Ivanov

Serguey Lavrov

Nurlan Smagulov

Rustem Temirgaliev

Erkin Kaliev

Raimbek Batalov