"Russian Oxygen LTD", Nepal


CIS climbing community for many years knows that famous climber, Master of Sports in mountaineering, Snow Leopard Valentin Bazhukov is the author of the really new oxygen system for climbers and an owner of the patent of the refilling oxygen bottles technology. He's recently registered a company named Russian Oxygen, LTD in Nepal, which's going refilling oxygen bottles in Kathmandu and Everest base camp using a unique technology created by the company.

Now the most of high-altitude climbers use "Poisk" oxygen system, manufactured in Russia, in Saint Petersburg. The system is known as the most reliable in nowdays, and is still in use with small modifications since the first Russian Himalaya expedition to Everest South-West Face in 1982.

Valentin Bazhukov (72), active high-altitude climber, who have several times reached 8300 meters without partners, knows well how important it is for a mountaineer light, reliable and high capacity oxygen equipment in a "zone of death". Last year Valentin finished the tests of the new system of refilling oxygen bottles, created by him especially for Himalaya base camps - the system which's capable of putting more oxygen (125 %) in a standart bottle than other systems. In 2006 "Russian Oxygen" begins refilling oxygen bottles in Kathmandu and Everest base camp at a price lower than standard.

Valentin Bazhukov is going to take part in American Everest Fantasy Ridge 2006 expedition as oxygen sponsor

Photo: Russianclimb.com, Elbrus region, September, 2005.