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Nanga Parbat (8126 m), Broad Peak (8046 m) and K2 (8611 m) Kazakhstan Expedition
Summer 2003

23 July, 2003 Serguey Lavrov:

We've rested and begin to prepare for the main part of our expedition. That's a pity, but Vassily Litvinov's health isn't good today, and he can't to continue the climb. He'll go down soon. Gia Tortladze joins our team. Yesterday porters brought here one more she-goat, so we eat tasty dishes now. Yesterday and today we replace our tents, because the glacier is melting and tents became higher than a half of meter. THe first group will start tomorrow. Now they are preparing, choosing the equipment, food, gas, etc

Members are reading e-mails and looking to Internet-news

Lavrov and Raspopov are preparing the electrical station, filling the accumulator

Vassily Litvinov making salad from fresh vegetables

When were under Nanga Parbat, we e have taught our cook to make borsht, now we teach him to cook soljanka.

22 July, 2003 Simone Moro reported about mortal accident on K2, which after bottelneck stopped the spanish-swiss team: they started from camp 4 attempting the K2 summit but swiss alpinist falled from 8100 and died. Simone proposed that not so good acclimatisation could have negative influenced the individual conditions of the climbers. Andalucha K2 expedition, arrived to the Base Camp June 5, and set Camp 2 (6750 m) on June 17, now is attempting to reach Camp 3. They coudn't do it because of poor weather. They hope success and decided to extend their expedition during a week. Members of Czech K2 & Broad Peak expedition tried to climb K2, then changed their plan and summited Broad Peak July 18, the same day as Denis (Radek Jaros, Petr Masek and Martin Minarik) and now they'll attempt K2. The weather's fine now.