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Nanga Parbat (8126 m), Broad Peak (8046 m) and K2 (8611 m) Kazakhstan Expedition
Summer 2003


2 August , 2003 Simone Moro:

Tomorrow the porters will come and it means that our expedition is officially closed. Today we begin to prepare our bagagge in 25 kg loads. Today the weather is still good but some clouds are coming and maybe it means that the weather report for next days is right. Our trekking to go back will pass trow the Condogoro La at 5600 and than to Ushe and in jeep to Skardu. By fligh or by car we will reach than Islamabad.

This is my last report and and I want to thank all the people who follow us in Internet, Radio 24, Radio Alta and Bergamo TV. I did, what I had been resonable able, without take extra risks.

The balance of my expeditionis is quite good with the Broad Peak summit 8047 mt and a new route open with JC Lafaille on Diamir Face of Nanga Parbat. The route stopped at 7100 mt meeting the Kinshofer Route and only JC reached the summit.

I hope to have all of you, following my next expedition.

Now I want to thank the companies Acerbis, Belt ,Camp, Convertex, L-Eco di Bergamo, La Sportiva, Salice Occhiali, Sport Specialist, Tecnoped, TPI, The Noth Face, Gensan Integratori, that are my official sponsors and partners during al my climbs and also in that exedition.


Simone Moro, August 2, 11-35 a.m.

31 July, 2003 Simone Moro:

Today is a nice and sunny day without wind. The classic summit day....

Unfortunately nobody climbed K2 since 2 years and the weather forecast for the next days give us few possibilities. We get 3 different forecasts from Spain and Austria (Innsbruck) and all reports said that from 3rd August since 6th there will be clouds, local snowfall and strong wind. There is still danger of avalanche over camp 3 and tomorrow I will go to C2 and C3 to take all my equipment. I cannot stay in BC over 9th August because I have to come back to Islamabad and than to Italy for the 15th august.

Only if I will find safe condition tomorrow I will try to go higher.... but I don-t trust to have so big luck....


Simone, July 31, 9-27 a.m.