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Nanga Parbat (8126 m), Broad Peak (8046 m) and K2 (8611 m) Kazakhstan Expedition
Summer 2003


Tomorrow we should start to Askole and than for the 6 days trekking to K2 and Boad Peak Basecamp. A new member from Italy (Alberto Magliano) will be with us and he will arrive from Italy just tomorrow.

In the next days will be difficult to send daily reports because we will be trekking all the day and it'll be difficult to work with Computer in the evening time.

So be patient and wait for our arrival in Base Camp.

Simone Moro, July 3, 3-00 pm

29 June, 2003 Baglan Zhunusov:

Iljinsky called today, that the team is in Shangri-La, near Skardu, and will stay there till Tuesday. In Wednesday they'll start to the K2 BC. It'll take 4-5 days for the trekking. Maxut Zhumayev going today to Islamabad for the expedition formalities. Iljinsky doubts about further Damir Molgachev's participation in the expedition. The team's planning Broad Peak climb in alpine style.
They met the Ukrainian team in Skardu, which is led by Simonenko and Gorbenko - they are going to Trango Tower and GI (Hidden Peak)

June 28