Expeditions. Everest North Face

On February, 18 2005 the unique climbing holiday has taken place in Moscow in Hammer's Center. Participants of three legendary expeditions met there - Everest 1982, Kangchenjunga 1989 and Everest 2004. The presentation of film of Victor Kozlov about the Russian National team climb on the center of Everest North Face

Sponsors: "Sodruzhestvo", "Duble V', "RedFox"

The stage in a conference hall of World Trade Centre on Krasnaja Presnja has once already served as a podium to a nice Russian team - in March 2002 they selebrated here Middle Lhotse climb and presentation of Victor Kozlov's and Paul Kadushin's film " Russian 8000-er". Now the quantity of famous persons on sq. meter was extremely high - the hall applauded not to one, but to the whole three teams, and the camera could not capture all on a stage. Guests have arrived from different cities and the states - Siberia, Ural, Rostov, Togliatti, Almaty, Kharkov, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Saratov. Climbing elite of Russia of the last years and present. The Chief of State Sport Commitee Vyacheslav Fetisov has congratulated climbers and has promised, that their merits will be marked by Goverment. Edward Myslovsky, Vladimir Shopin, Ervand Iljinsky, Kazbek Valiev, Sergey Bershov, Vyacheslav Onishchenko, Nikolay Chernyj, Alexander Glushkovsky, Sergey Bogomolov and others told about first Russian HImalaya expeditions. The amazing moment - some of guests did not meet during 23 years.

Then the present National team has reported about the climb on the center of Everest North Face. All climbers had been awarded the commemorative medals which have been rapped out in honour of great Russian climber Kirill Kouzmin.

1982 - Everest South Face Expedition team.

1989 - Kangchenjunga traverse team.

2004 - Everest North Face team.

Victor Kozlov's and Konstantin Babkin's film has transferred spectators to the world of a huge wall, with ice-covered ropes, falling stones, storm winds, with sparkling ferro-concrete ice of the Everest, with hopes for success, with alarms, and with healthy Russian climbing humour - as, for example, Siberia group play bridge in the small tent at 7500 m...

At hall entrance - magnificent Himalaya panoramas - photo gallery by Gleb Sokolov. Highly professional photos - result of heavy work of the artist-climber, and the exposed works - only small part of all made in the expedition. The two-kilogram camera is always with Gleb - up to the top, and, despite of any bad weather and weariness, he does unique pictures.

Expedition camera-man Serguey Shakuro not only filmed and did photo, but also wrote water colors near the Base Camp - it is really the Himalaya fairy tale. Works have not been exposed at the party, but, I hope, you will see it soon.

All participants have received as a gift jackets from RedFox with emblems of those expeditions where they participated, heroes were welcomed by company's heads Vladislav Moroz and Alexander Glushkovsky. Anatoly Durakovsky, the general director of leading state company producing army equipment has handed over bulletproof helmets to all climbers. Company Incoma has handed over wall calendars with Everest North Face expedition photos (authors Vladimir Kuptsov and Igor Borisenko). The president of Kazakhstan Mountaineering Federation Baglan Zhunusov has presented film " Unclimbed top" about Anatoly Boukreev and Simone Moro Annapurna climb .

Party ended with a banquet at restaurant " Continental".