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Serguey Samoilov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Born January, 4 1958

The coach in the Central Sport Club of Kazakhstan Army.

The member of the rescue team of Almaty (051)

Candidate of Master of Sports

Snow Leopard

THe Winner of USSR and CIS in mountaineering Championships.

High education.

Married, three children.


1. 07/2005 - Broad peak (8046 m), South-West Face first climb, two-climbers team (Samoilov-Urubko), in alpine style

2. 04/25/2006 - Manaslu (8163 m). Normal route, two-climbers team (Urubko - Samoilov)

3. 05/08/2006 - Manaslu (8163 m) ne face first climb, two-members team (Urubko-Samoilov)

4. 01/05/2007 - Dhaulagiri. Normal route.

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