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Eugeny Vinogradsky (Yekaterinburg)

Was born on October, 11, 1946 in village Staroutkinsk of
Sverdlovsk area. Entered Sverdlovsk Medical Institute. High experienced doctor. Married, has the daughter, the son, 2 grandsons. Started in mountaneering since 1964

A member of trainer's counsil of Ural regional Mountaineering and Rock-climbing Federation.

The most titled climber of Ural region:
The 7-times Champion of the USSR in Mountaineering, "Snow Leopard", the 4-times Champion of Russia. The Honoured Master of sports of the USSR. five times summited Mt. Everest (8848 m): in 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2004. Was awarded with an "Orden of Friendship between peoples" for traverse four tops of Kangchenjunga (1989), a medal "In glory of Ossetia" - for Everest climb (1995), medal "For merits before Fatherland" - fot Lhotse Middle climb in 2001. He climbed Everest via the North Face this Spring.

The best climbs:

The first top - Sulahat (Caucasus).

1968 - first winter climbs on Tien-Shan. Has received a rank of the instructor of mountaneering.

1971 - Peak Dream (Pamir-Alay). The first route of 5 grade of difficulty.

1974 - traverse peak Kalinin - peak Communism. The first gold medal of the USSR in mountaneering. Became the Master of sports.

1977 - Peak Russia, the route is not repeated. 3 prizer in the Championship of the USSR.

1979 - Peak Zamin-Karor (Jagnob), the second gold medal of the USSR on mountaneering.

1980 - Peak 5100 (Gaumysh), the third gold medal of the USSR on mountaneering.

1981 - Yarydag, the fourth gold medal of the USSR on mountaneering. (and summited three 7000-ers of the USSR)

1982 - Northern wall of peakEngels, the fifth gold medal of the USSR on mountaneering

1983 - peak Blok, the sixth gold medal of the USSR on mountaneering. Became the Master of sports of the International class.

1985 - Peak Svobodnaja Korea - the seventh gold medal of the USSR (the internal championship).

1986 - Peak Surajsha, 2 prizer in the Championship of the USSR. The first winter climb in history of peak Communism (7495 m).

1989 - the Second Soviet Himalaya expedition. The leader of the Russian group on traverse 4 tops of Kangchenjunga (8586 m.) on April, 30. Has received a rank the Honoured Master of sports of the USSR.

1991, on October, 20 - an ascention in the Autumn on Cho-Ojju (8201 i) on East crest (a new route).

1992 - on May, 14 summited Mt.Everest together with Fjodor Konjukhov.

1993 - round-the-world expedition together with F.Konjukhov on a yacht "Formosa - 56".

1994 - Everest expedition. The ascention was not possible.

1995 - in the Spring 1995 - Everest climb (Ossetic expedition).

In the autumn 1995 - peak Baruntze (7220 m) via the Western wall, a new route. It was recognized as the best climb of a season in the Himalayas. The winner in the Championship of Russia, a high-altitude class.

1996 - spring - unsuccessful expedition on Annapurna (Bonington route). Autumn 1996 for the first time in Russia is accomplished a double: on September, 23 Cho-Ojju (8201 m) and on October, 10 Shisha-Pangma (8013m).

1997 - in the spring Everest climb as a giude in the Indonesian expedition.

In the autumn 1997 - Ama DAblam (6863 m), 2 prizer in the All-Russia Championship.

1998 - in March, 1998 - Kilimandjuro, in May - Everest in honour of the 275- anniversary of Yekaterinburg. - In autumn - Lhotse Shar (8398 m),

1999 - Mont Blanc (the maximum point of Europe).

2000, on May, 21 - Lhotse Main (8511 m) as a member of the Russian-Georgian expedition on Middle Lhotse.

2001 (March - May) - expedition on Lhotsze Middle.
On May, 23, 2001 - the first climb!

The nominee of "Piolet D'Or" for 2001. Awarded by "Golden Edelweiss" for the best Russian climb 2001.

2003 (February) - expedition "Antarctica-Russia".

2003 (September-October) - Angarsk expedition on Cho-Ojju (8201 m). On October, 5 with Oleg Naumov stood at this top for the 3st time!

2004 (on May, 31) - summited Mt. Everest via the new route - the center of Northern wall! The member of Russian expedition.

In total summited 10 (from all 26) 8000-ers in the World, 17 climbs above 8000 meters. (till May, 2004)

"Snow Leopard", 20 climbs of 7000-ers of the former USSR.

Participated as the leader or the member in 16 Himalaya expeditions.

E.Vinogradsky has absolute skill to communicate, wonderfull experience, stability at high-altitude conditions, the high working capacity, and he's a very good doctor.