Piolet D'Or Russia 2014

Dec, 6 2014 г. the ceremony was held in Russian Geographic Society.

Elena Kouznetsova and Tatjana Timoshenko awarded as the best mountaineering coaches in 2014.

Eugeny Vinogradsky (born 1946), who climbs mountains during 50 years, awarded by Beletsky Medal (special award for lifetime achievement in mountaineering). Snow Leopard, 7-times Champion of USSR, 4-times CHampion of RUssia, he climbed Everest 5 times (1992, 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2004 (via North Face)). He did the first ever winter climb of Communism peak, 7495 m (1986). 20 climbs of peaks higher 8000 m. (including Everest via North Face (2004), K2 via West FAce (2007), Annapurna in 2010 (in 64 y.o.) Togerther with Fedor Konjukhov he passed round the world on the yacht Formosa.



"Crystal peak" was awarded to the team from Saint Petersburg - Nickolay Totmjanin, Victor Koval, Serguey Kondrashkin and Piotr Kuzenkov - for the first ever winter traverse of Bezengi Wall. It was grandious traverse! 12 days - from DEc, 23 2013 till Jan, 07 2014.

Piolet D'Or Russia

For the first time since 2007 the winner is chosen by the jury, not by team leaders in Hamburg score. Jury list: Ivan Temerev, Alexander Ruchkin, Vladimir Shataev, Andrey Nefedov, Vldislav Moroz and Andrew Volkov.

Nominees were:

- Svarog, 4960 m, Pamir, the first climb, 6B Russian grade, 1500 m, A3+, 1250 m high difference, wall part 700 m, steepness 84 grad, part R12-R29 - 87 grad. The team: Konstantin Markevich, Dmirty Skotnikov, Vadim Kalinkin, Vladislav Dubrovin.


- Golden Setinel, the first climb, the route "Samurai's daughter", 5200 m, Kashmir, NW Face, 1000 m, VI, A2-A3, 7 days. Marina Kopteva and Galina Chibitok.


- Kyzyl Asker, 5842 m, SE Face direct, The first climb, route "War and peace". Tien Shan, 6B Russian grade, 1353 m, wall part 1086 m, high difference 1153 m, 11 days. Serguey Nilov, Dmitry Golovchenko, Dmitry Grigorjev.


-First evere winter traverse of Bezengi Wall. Caucasus, 12 days, alpine style. Victor Koval, Nickolay Tomjanin, Serguey Kondrashkin and Piotr Kuzenkov.


- Tamserku first climb, 6623 m, Central buttress on SW Face, alpine style, HImalaya. The route "constraining girl"

difference 1623 m, long 1805, av, steepness 66 grad. 7 days. Alexander Gukov and Alexey Lonchinsky.



Piolet D'Or RUssia awarded to Tamserku! (Lonchinsky and Gukov!)


Alexander Gukov and Alexey Lonchinsky