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Mountain regions:

Zailiiskiy Alatau

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Peak Talgar 5017m

Zailiiskiy Alatay - is the most northern ridge of Tien-Shan, formed an arch witch is a little bit extended in the southern direction. The central part of this ridge is towered between the "Kumbel" pass in the west and "Amanzhol" pass in the east. In this region the altitude of peaks reaches 5017 m above see-level

More than 370 glaciers, with total area of 540 sq. m, are placed in the central part of Zailiiskiy Alatay. This ridge is cut by deep valleys, from it's northern slope take their beginnings following rivers: Uzun-Kargali, Chemolgan, Kaskelen, Aksai, Bolshaiya & Malaya Almatinki, Talgar, Issyk, Turgen, running into "Ili" river. But as for southern slope, it's a short valleys with small rivers cut it.

In the "Zailiiskiy Alatay" after Talgar region the Almaty's gorge region is the most popular between the alpinists & it's Bagdanovitch glacier. From the geographical point of view the glacier concerns to gorge of Talgar left, but the most convenient campaigns to it's peaks are from the Almaty's gorge side.

Talgar view

Alpinists are interesting in following gorges: "Bolshoe Almatinskoe", "Aksaiskoe", "Karagalinskoe", "Kaskelenskoe", "Chemolganskoe" -these are tops where people have never been.

In the Zailiiskiy Alatay there are picturesque valleys planted by Tian-Shian's fir in the summer the Alpine meadows dazzle by different colors. Severity of highlands is majestic.
From the Almaty's side the approaches to the tops are short & convenient. All that attract the attention not only the alpinists of Kazakhstan but of all CIS.

As for geographical situation, first highlands reached 4000 m are situated closer to beginnings of rivers "Uzun-Kargaly" & "Malyi Kemin". The main crest of Zailiiskiy Alatay in the eastern direction from Kumbel pass (3661 m) sharply changes the direction from eastern to southern.

Here in the Kargaly pass region Uzun-Kargalinskiy branch takes it's beginning. Here are peaks "Tumannaya" (4170m), "Teketau" (4190 m), "Uzlovaya" (4150 m) & 7 unnamed peaks

In the main ridge & it's branches 4 snow peaks are situated, their altitude are higher than 4000 m. Between unnamed peak (4094) & Ak-kum peak, in a distance of 19 km main ridge surrounds the Kaskelen river pool from southern part. In this district "Tohsan-Attyn" (4040), "Kukulakbashi" (3920 m), "Akkum" (4098 m) peaks are situated. In the branch that goes from main ridge, "Okjetpes" rocky top (4100 m) goes up.

"Tur" top (4350 m) is situated to the north from "Akkum" peak,. From here to the north (35 km) Kaskelen branch goes. It's 1st and 2nd km separate "Kraevedov" & "Shitnikova" glaciers.

In the same place ice-snow top "Jolpak" is towered (4400 m). Sharp rocky "Mir" peak (4300 m) is situated here, walls of which have the plumbs of 600 m. After the peak, ridge goes in northen direction. In this region 4 rocky tops (from 4000 to 4200 m) that have never been reached.

Alpinists show their interest in not so big and not so investigated pool of "Aksai" river
Between "Tur" and "Bezymyannaya" tops (4250 m) in a distance of 10 km Zailiiskiy Alatay takes northern-eastern direction. "Shitnikova" (about 4300 m), "Promejutochnaiya" (4220 m), "20 let KazGmi" (4240 m), "Lunina" (4280 m), "Uzlovaiya Aksaiskaia" (4200 m) peaks are situated in this district.

"Bogdan Hmelnitskii" brench stretches between eastern source of left & of middle "Aksai" in a distance of 8 km. There are 6 rocky tops, including "Bogdan Hmelnitskii" peak (4150m). Middle & Right "Aksai" rivers are divided by small branch.

On the route

From eastern part Aksai" river pool is limited by "Aksai" branch, stretched to the north on 18 km. Here are 3 tops to the north from "Aksai" pass (3650 m) & only "Pervomaiskii" peak (4050 m) is climbed. Aksai has 2 branches. 1st has 3 tops: "Lokomotivets" (4250 m) & 2 unnamed, noticed as 4050 m & 3950 m. 2nd goes from the "Lunina" top and divides the valleys of "Aksai" & "Almaty" rivers.

The "Bolshaya Almatinka" river that in the western part of Almaty is done by the confluence of "Prohodnaya" & "Ozernaya" rivers.

The big Almaty's branch branches off from main gorge at the "Almaty Alagir" top (4223 m). At the beginning it goes to the north, then from the "Korniznaya" top (3899 m) sharply turns to the north-west towards "Bezymyannaya" top (3850 m) and then they are branched out. It's main branch goes to the north-west. To the north from "Tourist" peak (3965m) this branch goes down to the "Djussaly-Kezen" pass (3200 m).

"Cheibolsan" peak (4191 m), "Ozernaya" top (4100 m), "Bezymyannaya" top (4200 m) are towered there. All it's northern branches are slight, only one of them, that divides "Chernyi" & "Gorodetskii" glaciers, has 3 tops, their altitude more than 4000 m.
Eastern board of "Bolshaya Almatinka" pool is a huge branch that calls "Malyi Almatinskyi" with total extension of more than 40 km. "Molodaya Gvardiya" (4394 m), "Oleg Koshevoi" (4253 m), "Iskra" (4219 m) peaks raise here. To the north from "Molodaya Gvardiya" towards "Talgar left" there is gorge of alpinists with 4 tops: "Sovetskih Alpinistov" (4379 m), "SGU" (4522 m) & unnamed with notices 4101 and 3875 m.

It is necessary to mention a spur in the region of "Bolshaya Almatinka" pool that goes from "Lokomotive" top, towards "Bolshoe Almatinskoe" lake. There are 2 tops: "Gorelnik" (4000 m) & "pik Sovetov" (4317 m).

Igly Tuyuk Sy The most closer to Almaty is a valley of "Malaya Almatinka" river. The way to this valley begins in the Dostic prospect, one of the most beautiful streets of our city.
You can find there a "Mayakovstiy" peak. It's highest part consists of limestone of marble, the rest consists of red granite. Destroyed ridge of the "Patriotic war" peak (4050 m) & "Manshuk Mametovaya" peak (4194 m), are situated after the "Mayakovstiy" peak.
"Uchitel" peak (4045 m), "Pioner" peak (4031 m) are situated after "Manshuk Mametovaya" pass.

Eastern branch of "Malo-Almatinskii" spur stretches about 7 km. At the very beginning, there are "Karlitau" top (4100 m) & it's neighbor "Komsomol" peak (4376 m) that is perfectly seen from Almaty. Geographical characteristic of "Malo-Almatinskii" will be completed If we mention it's ridges where climbers can find very interesting places for ascents.

The central part of Zailiiskiy Alatay made of igneous rock. That's why, mainly in the central part, it is possible to find the remains of metamorphized of igneous rock. Zailiiskiy Alatay climate is very favorable & it profitable differs from arid continental climate. That's why dazzled mountains are the most favorable zones for having a rest & sport. A lot of tourists routs, Sanatoriums, health centers, "Chimbulak" ski base, "Tuiuk Su" alp camp and famous mountain ski-rink "Medeo" where were made a lot of recordsm, are placed here.
Talgar view

We can conditionally divide the valleys of Zailiiskiy Alatay into several climatic zones. From 900 to 1500 m above see-level, it is zone of steppe. Average annual of rainfall is about 850mm

Next zone is from 1500 to 2700 m. It's a zone of coniferous. Here is mountain climate. The temperature below zero is from november to march here. December is the coldest month. Middle temperature is about - 6,3 but as for the average annual it's - 3,6. A lot of snow allows you to make interesting ski-tours. Very often, May & beginning of June are cold and rainy. The hottest month is July. The middle temperature is + 19.

Subalpine zone begins from 2700 m above see-level & comes to end at the altitude of 3500 m. Snow covers the lend during 8 months. Middle temperature of the coldest month (February) is -12, but there were the years when temperature was below -28. The summer is short and not so hot. Middle temperature of july is +7,7 , annual -2.

Zone of glaciers is situated higher than 3500 m. Landscape and climate are more severe here, the weather is changeable. In the glaciers average annual temperature is -6, as for coldest month it is - 15,5, sometimes frost is about - 35. Summer is short. Middle temperature of July is +2,8 but sometimes in sunny days the temperature grows up to +17,5. All who want to mountaineer here, for the first time, have to know that tailings of avalanches is possible, below the note of 2500-2600 m, in march and April. In May avalanches are also possible. At the beginning of July, plenty of precipitations can provoke a mudflow.

During the winter, January and February are the most favorable months for mountaineer as for the summer, they are June - September.

In the suburbs of Almaty, there are, rare vicinity of climatic zones. If you make a crossing in a distance of 100 km you will be able to get acquainted with all possible climatic zones. From steppes to glaciers.

Valleys of Zailiiskiy Alatay have varied flora. That counts about 1000 sorts. More than a half grows at the altitude of 1300 - 1700 m. But not all of themes are inoffensive. You may meet there one of the most dangerous & poisonous for the people plant, as: Yasinets shirokolistyi and Djungarskyi akonit. You may bring lighted match to Yasinets shirokolistyi and a fire will be around it but will make no harm to this plant, that's why Yasinets shirokolistyi has another name - Neopalimaya Kupina, that means nonburning.
As for Djungarskyi akonit (or Issyk-kulskyi koren) it grows everywhere. If Yasinets shirokolistyi gives you only a burn, Djungarskyi akonit even in small dose , in most cases, is deadly.

In the valleys of rivers you can see a plenty of raspberry-bush. But most of all amazes Tian-Shan's spruce.

Animal world of Zailiiskiy Alatay is extremely varied. The goats reside in the zone of woods and also marals, bears, foxes, badgers, wild boars, wild cats, trots etc., live here. You will find lot of birds there.
Mountain goats "Tau-Teke" and his enemy snow leopard live among labyrinths of rocks.