Dear colleagues!

I have received official invitation from my old friend, leader of Georgian mountaineering, Idris Khergiany to visit with climb team Svanetia and Mt. Kasbeck region.

It is a heart of Central Caucasus, famous tops Ushba, Chatyn, Tetnuld, Shkhara, Aylama, Shkhelda etc.
Time after time I was there and I have climbed Ushba, Shkhara, Tetnuld, Shota Rustavely peak.

All the routes are rocks-ice-snow or ice-snow. We have all the descriptions. There are no ready belay points at the routs, so sportsmen may show what they can or study while climbing.
Hiking to the mountains is not so long.

Stay in town Mestia, Svanetia capital, in separate apartments (bed & breakfast). It costs 10 Euro one night for one person. You may take a car to pick up to a mountain.

For safety improvement it is planned to have close contacts with alpine team "EX" (Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA). They also will climb in Svanetia.

The international camp will be carry on since 15 July until 15 August 2006.
Local population always treats warmth to climbers and Khergiany's guests will be guests of everyone in Svanetia.
You should flight to Tbilisy then to Mestia by airplane ($50) or by autobus (500 km).
Visa 3 months costs $20 at Tbilisy airport just after arriving.

I would like to organize noncommercial camp in Svanetia for experienced climbers. Beginners are welcome as well with additional payment for guides. All the equipment is yours.

Please apply to me as soon as possible but not later than 01 June 2006.

Instructor of climbing (state RUSSIA) ID 4043,
Arcady Novy (Novogroodsky)