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Press release

Russian Mountaineering Federation together with RedFox outdoor-company will organize the big Mountaineering and extreme sports Festival on Caucasus, Uzunkol gorge, July 11-30.

The leading athletes in rock-climbing, mountaineering, base-jumping, multirunners wiil take part there. The Open Women's Internal Cup is the part of the program - the RMF organizes such kind of competitions for the first time in Russia.

Female climbers from all the world are welcome to take part in this event.

The most popular tops of Western Caucasus (Uzunkol region) are planning as the objects of this competitions - Dalar, Dolomite, Kirpitch (Brick).

The main goal of Women's Cup is an experience exchange between women-climbers of different countries and popularization the female mountaneering to Russia. The program will include routes of a different difficulty grade - from routes D- (3 Russian Grade) up to routes of the most complex level ED (6 Russian Grade). Each team can choose routes accessible to their technical and physical level.

The Cup will be divided into two steps - as the classical scheme of the Russian internal Mountaineering Competitions.

The first stage will be qualification (or so-called "School") - all athletes of each team must take part. It is accessible to spectators, the short multi pitch route (3-4 pitches). The teams will competite there in speed and technics on rock-climbing line.

At the second stage the teams will climb tops (from special rating list)

The team consists of 2-3 persoms, and the one person as a team representative. The team can invite the photographers - organizers will prepare the Base Camps and additional places for journalists, where they would make magnificent pictures for team's sponsors and media.

The program

July, 11
Mountaineering Camp "Uzunkol". Registration.

July, 12
12-00 The opening of the Festival.

July 13-14
 09-00 - 19-00 - The "School" ;

July, 14
19-30 - 20-00 School results 

July, 15

The trek to the routes bottom, preparation to the climb.

July, 16

The beginning of the climb.

July, 28
15-00 The second stage of the Cup will be close. 

July, 29
12-00  The official ceremony, where Women's Cup results will be announced. Winners, awards, and the closing of the Festival.


and their funs are welcome

The PHOTOGRAPHERS and the JOURNALISTS ARE WELCOME TOO - TO THIS GRIPPING SHOW of FEMALE COMPETITION which will be developed in a natural amphitheater in one of the most beautiful gorges of Caucasian mountains.

Application: by e-mail or

Application deadline: April, 30th, 2008

Without application fee.

More information: :

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