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Normal route, Tibet

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Expedition chronicle:


14 April, 2003 Alexander Abramov reports:

April, 13. The team reached Middle Camp.

April,12. The Day of Astronautics. This day began with arguing: what is more important for the society v space flights or Himalayan expeditions? The next topic was how many people die at altitude and why. This arguing resulted in our going to visit climbers- cemetery. There are 6 Russians there already, all their plaques are on one and the same stone. Igor Tsarev reassured everyone saying that now at least it is clear where the plaque would be.

We had an International meeting of doctors at BC today. The doctors of all teams gathered. There was a request when encountering a dead body on the mountain to make a picture of it so that later it would be possible to identify it. The thing is that the families are having lots of problems with insurance.

We are all in good health. Today is our last quiet day. This evening our yaks arrived, and tomorrow we are moving towards ABC. We are supposed to arrive at ABC on April, 14. After that we-ll try to set up Camp1 on the North Col (7000m).

We are getting daily weather forecast. Today it is v12C at ABC and v37 at the summit.


13 April, 2003 Alexander Abramov reports:

?April,11. This night was much warmer than the previous one. The morning started with the knocking on the tent: ? Tea or coffee?. As soon as we finished breakfast, lama came. Our Sherpas built a pile of stones and decorated it with flags. Lama started the ceremony of sanctifying our camp. The members of our expedition were taking pictures. Then the wind rose and we had to run after our altitude tents v we put them up to test them. We have 7 altitude tents.

Then all of us said a little prayer to the success of our expedition.

We are constantly having guests: a Chinese came this morning v but he spoke neither English nor Russian. Then an Australian came.

Our yaks are supposed to arrive tomorrow evening v so we-ll start carrying loads to ABC.

Good-bye. Apr. 11

12 April, 2003 Alexander Abramov reports:

?April, 10. The sun came out of the ridge and lightened the tent at 5 minutes to 10. At 10 a.m. the ice on my BASK sleeping bag v actually outer sleeping bag as I was sleeping in two bags - started melting. The night was a real nightmare: I was dreaming about the organization of the expedition time and again. In the morning I had a headache. I was saved by the sunrise and the cook v he brought coffee with milk.

At 11 a.m. all expedition leaders gathered in a hospitable tent of Chinese expedition. It turned out that there were already 13 expeditions in the Base Camp. The main question on the agenda was about fixing ropes on the route. It was decided that Russell Bruce-s expedition and Chinese expedition will put all the ropes on the route. The rest expeditions will pay money depending on the number of expedition members. The atmosphere at the meeting was very friendly. I made friends with Estonians.

At 12.00 the members of our expedition arrived. They got into an accident: on the way to BC one of the cars crashed into a bus. Fortunately, everyone got out safely.

We have set the camp, started the generator. Tomorrow we-ll have the official opening ceremony of our camp.