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September 2005 news

28 September, 2005 Dhaulagiri, Angarsk expedition: Siberian climbers from Angarsk plus Eugeny Vinogradsky and Alexey Bolotov climb Dhaulagiri this Fall. Eugeny called yesterday: September, 26 all team members descended back to BC. The weather's very bad - snowfalls every day. The team set Camp 1 at 5800 (tent and cave) and Camp 2 at 6550. They set the depo at 6800. Probably, in two days they'll try summit bid, in spite there's the site at 7200, where climbers need the fixed ropes.

27 September, 2005 The first Russian who had completed the "7 summits" program was Fjodor Konjukhov. Now in Russia and CIS are some climbers who are about completing the popular and very expensive program - Vassily Yelagin, Dmitry Moskaljov, Alexander Abramov, Victor Bobok (all from Moscow), Ervand Iljinsky from Almaty.

27 September, 2005 Komsomol peak (4376 m) speed race will take part near Almaty September, 15. Organizer - Kazakhstan Mountaineering Federation and Kazakhstan Ski Federation.

21 September, 2005 Mikhail Osipov - the Winner of Elbrus Race 2005 (September, 15). Press release. Photo gallery.

7 September, 2005 Photo gallery from pre-expedition to K2 West Face

2 September, 2005 K2-Kazakhstan Expedition: the team left BC. They retrieved C1 and C2 (lucky, they had two pairs of spare crampons in BC) Today they're probably in Skardu.

1 September, 2005

Pavel Shabalin and Iljas Tukhvatullin: Khan Tengri North Face - First ascent in two-members team. Details


1 September, 2005

Boris Korshunov is 70 today! Happy birthday! He began to climb mountains 51 year ago, summited Pobeda in 50-s, was a member of famous teams led by Lev Myshljaev and Kirill Kuzmin - the legends of Russian mountaineering. Summited Everest in 1999 (not fixed officially yet, but Boris has some provements, and E. Hawley is ready to fix the summit as soon as Boris brings them to Kathmandu), Annapurna Central in 2004, climbs 7000-s every year, 7-times Snow Leopard. During 40 years he was an examinee in Gazenko Institute of researches of the human's opportunities in extreme conditions




27 September, 20052005 Banff Mountain Photography Competition: Mead Norton of Auckland, New Zealand, was awarded the Grand Prize for his photo Prayer Offerings on the Shore of Namtso Lake, Tibet.

27 September, 2005 First Arab Everest summitter; Zed Al Refai summitted Cho Oyu (8201 m) at 13:50 22nd September and returned successfully. Alhamdulillah. (The message by
Arabian Mountaineering & Alpine Climbing Club)

19 September, 2005 Simone Moro: Cerro Torre report: Nothing to do. Too much snow

5 September, 2005 Simone Moro: Cerro Torre report

The 19th Rock Master, the trophy for the climbing champions, takes place on 3-4 September in Arco, Italy.


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