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Summer 2012 news

8 August, 2012 Dasha Yashina, who some days ago became the female Winner in Lenin peak (7134 m) speed climb, lost on Pobeda peak yesterday. She fell to her death...

6 August, 2012 Latok I. The team is in ABC. The team yesterday returned from the acclimatization at 5600. There was the heavy snowfall, about 50 sm fresh snow, so they couldn't reach 6200.

6 August, 2012 Spanish Oscar Cadiach climbed three 8000-ers in three monthes: Annapurna on May, 6, Dhaulagiri on May, 25 and K2 on July, 31.

6 August, 2012 K2. 30 climbers reached the top this season, and 6 among them - without supplementary oxygen: Polish Adam Bielecki, Iranian Azim Ghaychesaz, Austrian Christian Stangl, Spanish Oscar Cadiach, Slovak Peter Hamor and Czech Pavel Bem. Congrats!

5 August, 2012 Lenin peak. The speed climb competitions were held July, 29. Organizers were: Aksay Travel company and Skyrunning Association. The Winner was Semion Dvornichenko (6 hrs 32 min), The second place - Nickolay Totmjanin (6 hrs 42 min) The third - Max Cherkasov (6 hrs 52 min), The Winner among women (and the fourth place) became Dasha Yashina (7 hrs 45 min). The other participants: Srguey Seliverstov (9 hrs 53 min), Alexander Kirikov (10 hrs 11 min).

2 August, 2012 The first USSR climbers reached K2 summit 20 years ago, Aug, 1 1992 on 9 pm - there wereRussian Vladimir Balyberdin and Ukrainian Gennady Kopeyka. Russian Alexey Nikiforov summited K2 next day.

30 July, 2012 Latok I. The team is in ABC. They began theacclimatization today, camping at 4900, Are going to 5200 tomorrow.

24 July, 2012 The team from Saint Petersburg - Oleg Koltunov, Valery Shamalo, Vjacheslav Ivanov and Ruslan Kirichenko - are going to Latok I (7145 m) Their goal is the north ridge. Now they are in Skardu, acclimatizing.

24 July, 2012 Nanga Parbat. Sandy Allan and Rick Allen summited July, 15 - they climbed the whole Mazeno ridge! Congratulations! Mazeno ridge is is the longest on 8000 peaks - 13 km, with many peaks, from the Mazeno Pass at 5,377m. Many attempts were failed, but now managed to do it. They started July, 2- so spent 14 days on the mountain till summited.

23 July, 2012 Two Ukrainian climbers lost on Ushba July, 18 - Alexader Taranik and Dmitry Voloshin. July, 17 they reached the top with two other climbers via Khergiani route (5B Rusian grade). Then they descended to 4200 and spent the night in the tent. Next morning Alexander and Dmitry fell 400 m.

18 July, 2012 Denis Urubko welcomed the athletes of VII International Elbrus Race

12 July, 2012 Karl Unterkircher Award won by women Great Trango Tower expedition



12 July, 2012 Guido Magnone (94), one of the greatest French mountaineers in 50th-60th, died July, 9 in Paris.

11 July, 2012 K2 Expedition 2012: Oxana Morneva, the leader of International K2 Expedition 2012, was badly hit by rocks while she she was climbing from camp 1 on 3rd July, 2012. The rope was broken, Oxana fell down around 300 meters and injured her left knee. With the help of Sherpa, High Altitude porters and fellow climbers she was brought down to the base camp in two days. July, 6 Oxana She was evacuated by helicopter to the Army Hospital in Skardu. She needs the further treatment in Islamabad and now is waiting from AXA Assistance Ltd the insurance company from Germany to help her



6 July, 2012 Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock climb Slovak Direct on Denali

28 June, 2012 Shisha Pangma in Fall: if you're the experienced high-altitude climber and want to summit Shisha Pangma (8046 m), you can join the expedition led by Alex Bolotov, which'll start Sep, 2. Contacts: +79045473243

28 June, 2012 Ushba: climb and base. Valery Rozov and Alexander Ruchkin. After their successful expedition to Shivling (India) where Valery managed the great base-jump, he hopes to jump from the famous Caucasian peak. They'll climb Ushba from Georgian side.

Khan Tengri27 June, 2012 Ural team led by Vadim Popovich heading to the Khan Tengri North Face. Two high-altitude guru, members of K2 West Face expedition - Vadim Popovich and Alexander Korobkov are going to climb the difficult North Face of Khan Tengri peak this summer. They are also teach the yoing climbers Andrew Kuznetsov, Serguey Gorev, Anton Vostrjagov, Konstantin Kalmykov and Rinat Sharafeev, who are in the tem too. The expedition will begin July, 3


20 June, 2012 BASK company jubilee - 20!


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