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Alexander Odintsov

The head of the project "Big Walls - Russian routes"
The current project - Jannu, the North Face, Nepal

Born at the 18th of October, 1957 in Vyborg
Began mountaineering in 1975 in the climbing community of the Mining Institute in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)
The title of Master of Sports got in 1983
Since 1983 takes part in the USSR (later - Russia) Mountaineering Championships
High rated ascents -since 1981
First category Mountain guide

The list of ascents:

1981 - Hodga-Locan (two ascents 5b) and ascent to Zamin-Karor (Pamir Alay)
1982 - Zamin-Karor (6 rated), two ascents (5b) to Zamin-Karor, winter ascent to br. Kadamtcevyh Peak (5b)
1983 - Wilpata (5b), Dalar (5b), the first ascent to Mamison (6 rated), ascent to Dombay East (6 rated, Gubanov route) - all in Caucasus
The second prizer in the USSR Championship (technical class)
1984 - two ascents 6 rated (Zamin-Karor and Bodkhona), two ascents 5 rated (Zamin-Karor, Korona Peak (Winter))
1985 - ascent to 40let Pobedy (5b), Zamin-Karor (6b) - the second prizer in the USSR Championship (rockclimbing class)
1986 - two ascents 6b rated (Zamin-Karor, the first ascent to tutek Peak) - the sixth position in the USSR Championship
1987 - two ascents 5b rated ( Hodga-Locan and Zamok - the first ascent). The fifth position in the Championsip.
1988 - Shkhelda (5b, Kinsitsky route) in winter, two first ascents 6 rated (Asan, 4810 Peak), ascent to Asan (6, Pogorelov route)
The Winner in the USSR Championship
1989 - 4 routes 6 rated (Shkhelda, Ushba, Chatyn, Chegem), the third prizer in the USSR Championship
1991 - two ascents 6 rated ( Slesov, Asan) - the third prizer in national Championship
1992 - two ascents 5b rated (peak Block, peak 4600)
1994 - ascent 5b rated (peak 3850), two ascents 6 rated (Asan, p. 4240) - the second prizer in the Championship
1995 - ascent 5b rated (p. 3850), the first ascent 6 rated (p. 4810) - the second prizer in the Championship
1996 - the first ascent to Ak Su (6 rated) - the Winner in the national Championship
1997 - New russian route "Baltica" on the Troll Wall (Norway) - the second prizer in the national Championship
1999 - Trango Tower, North-West Face, the first ascent "russian route"
2002 - Great Sail Peak, Baffin Island (Canada)

Married, has three children

21 April, 2002

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