Kazakhstan's expedition to Gasherbrum1(Hidden peak) and Gasherbrum2
July - August, 2001

Kazakhstan's team of climbers from Central Army Sport Club of the Kazakhstan Repuplic, headed by Ervand Ilyinsky, summited 8000-peaks in Karakorum: Hidden peak (8035) and Gasherbrum2 (8068) by the whole team (7 persons)

The leader of the team 28 year old Denis Urubko settled the record of the speed climb to Gasherbrum2 - 7 hours 30 minutes from Camp1 (5800) to the summit (8068). He summited three 8000-peaks in 2001: Lhotse, Hidden, Gasherbrum2.

Team List: On the picture from left to right:
Vasily Litvinov,
Damir Molgachev,
Vasily Pivtsov,
Denis Urubko (the leader),
Sergey Lavrov,
Alexey Raspopov,
Maxut Zhumayev.

the team

Sergey Bogomolov (Russia) have summited both peaks with the team

E. Ilyinsky's project is to summit all eight-thousand meter high peaks by the National team . Kazakhtan's team have already summited four 8000-peaks till the summer 2001:
Mt Everest (8848),
Cho-Oyu (8208),
Dhaulagiri (8167)
and Manaslu (8125)

The expedition's chronicle:

25.06.2001 The Kazakhs expedition have arrived in Islamabad, and met their Russian friends ( Boris Sedusov, Sergey Bogomolov) and the Georgian Gyia Tortladse, who were going to summit together with the team.

14.08.2001 The Kazakh's team and Sergey Bogomolov summited Hidden peak.

20.08.2001 The Kazakh's team (7 persons) and Sergey Bogomolov summited Gasherbrum2.

Both climbs were made at the very bad weather conditions( hard snowfall during almost a month, storm winds), when many of the other expeditions were obliged to refuse from their plans.

Lavrov at Hidden

At the Hidden's summit Sergey Lavrov. (Gasherbrum2 and K2 at the background)


Raspopov & Pivtsov at Hidden

Alexey Raspopov and Vasiliy Pivtsov at the Hidden's summit with the Kazakhstan Republic's flag

up to Camp1

The way through the icefall from BC to Camp1


Urubko at Hidden

Denis Urubko at the top of the Hidden peak

view from Hiddem

Gasherbrum2 and K2 from the Hidden



(Pictures: Sergey Lavrov)

The expedition's organizers:
Central Army Sport Club (headed by General-major Novikov), Kazakhstan Mountaneering Club, Kazakhstan Mountaneering Federation

The Belgian Expedition "Odissee pour un 8000" to Gasherbrum1 and Gasherbrum2 helped us with the information. Thanks to Bart Overlaet and other belgian climbers and web-designers of the site users.swing.be/gasherbrum Karel Overlaet and Jean Tafforeau

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