• Alexei Paskhin (Saint Petersburg) - the leader of the team
  • Sedov Alexey (Saint Petersburg)
  • Alexander Pashkevich (Saint Petersburg)
  • Yuri Emelin (Saint Petersburg)
  • Eugeny Majorov (Saint Petersburg)
  • Igor Tsaruk (Saint Petersburg)
  • Boris Sedussov (Perm)
  • Nikolay Zakharov (Krasnojarsk) - the coach of the team
  • Igor Korenjugin (Voroneg)
  • Aleksey Russo (Estonia)
  • Sergey Bychkovsky - doctor (Yekaterinburg)

1 APRIL, 2002 The team departed for Kathmandu from Saint Petersburg Kathmandu
6 APRIL, 2002 Start from Lucla the way to Namche
9 APRIL, 2002 Message from Kathmandu: all members are OK, they reached Tengboche (3868m), region Solo Khumbu, and are resting there (the message from Ekaterina Goryshina, "Royal Trekking") Ama Dablam
12 APRIL, 2002 The team arrived to the Everest BC and are going to work at the Khumbu icefall tomorrow (Alexey Sedov call)

Khumbu icefall

All photo: Gleb Sokolov

18 APRIL, 2002

All team reached BC at 12th of April. Our team was the last, who was declared at this season. It was sunny before the dinner, we established the tents, prepared BC. After dinner the snowfall and the strong wind began, the temperature was -12C at night. Next day, 13 April we cotinued to prepare BC, carried stones, built the stone wall against yaks. It was sunny and warm again. At 14th of April we consecrated our BC, hanged the Tibetian prayer flags, lifted the Russian flag, made the donnation for Gods. 15 April at 5-30a.m. we began to ascent to Camp1 (6100m), where we spent the night. 16 April - we descended to BC for the rest, next ascent is planning to Camp1- Camp2 (6100-6500m) with couple of nights at 19th of April. Next relation will be at 22 April

The information provided by Ekaterina Goryshina, "Royal Trekking"


22 APRIL, 2002 Alexey Sedov called, that all group successlully returned from Camp2 (6500), the equipment was lifted to the Camp3 (7200m) All are fine, but the weather turned bad. 25 April they'll start to Camp3.
The information provided by Ekaterina Goryshina, "Royal Trekking"

27 APRIL, 2002 Alexey Sedov called from BC 26 April: The part of the group started up for setting Camp3 at 7200. The ascent to Camp4 (7800) is putting off because of bad weather conditions. The group will return to BC at 30th of April.
The information provided by Ekaterina Goryshina, "Royal Trekking"

3 May, 2002
The team went down to the Deboche village (about 3700m) for the rest. 6 May - they'll return to the BC and will move to the summit. The weather is unstable this season, winds and snow make the ascension hard, but all are brave, healthy, sent greetings to the friends and relatives.
Ekaterina Goryshina, Kathmandu, Nepal
"Royal Trekking"

12 May, 2002 Today the team move up from Camp2 (6400) to Camp3 (7200). They couldn't do it yesterday because of the strong wind. All feel fine and brave. BC stayes empty - all moved up. The weather forecast is good till 16 May, today is sunny and windy in BC.
Ekaterina Goryshina, Kathmandu, Nepal
"Royal Trekking"

14 May, 2002
13 May the team reached Camp4 (7800m) they called from there. The team are going to the summit at 3-00 a.m. 14 May
Ekaterina Goryshina, Kathmandu, Nepal
"Royal Trekking"

14 May in 15-30 (Nepal time) the team (9 persons) summited Lhotse, exept Alexander Pashkevitch, who descended to BC 10 May. !4 May the team descended to Camp4 (7800), today, 15 May they'll descent to Camp2 (6400). All are OK, send greetings to relatives ! Congratulations!
Ekaterina Goryshina, Kathmandu, Nepal
"Royal Trekking"

24 May, 2002 23 May the team left Kathmandu for Saint Petersburg by KLM flyght through Amsterdam, but flyght was stopped in Dubai because of engine breakage.

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