In the memory of MASHKOV V. S


70 - years
anniversary of the first ascent
to Communism Peak

Dear Sirs and Madams,

friends and colleagues,

It will be 70 years from the first ascent to Communism (renamed since 1998 - Samani) peak made by Soviet mountaineers and 50 years from the first ascent to Korjenevskaya peak. In favour of these beautiful anniversaries "Asia Travel" together with "AlpNavruz" organizes the International alpine camp "Samani - 2003" on the "Moskvina" glacier for SPECIAL (reduced) prices.


Option I.
Day 1. Arrival in Dushanbe. Meeting, transfer, hotel.

Day 2. Transfer to airport, flight by helicopter to the Moskvina glacier

Day 3-22. Acclimatization and ascents.

Day 23-26. Reserve days.

Day 27. Helicopter flight to Dushanbe. Hotel.

Day 28. Departure.

The cost of such tour is - 1650 $/pax.

Option II.
Day 1. Arrival in Osh. Meeting, transfer, hotel.

Day 2. Transfer Osh-Karamyk. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. Flight to Moskvina glacier.

Day 4-24. Acclimatization and ascents.

Day 25-27. Reserve days.

Day 28. Flight to Karamyk. Transfer to Osh.

Day 29. Departure from Osh.

The cost of such tour is - 1900 $/pax.

The cost includes: meeting / seeing off at / from the airport, airport transfers; all transfers according to the programme with accompany guide; accommodation in hotel (2-3*) with breakfast; services in Base Camp: 1) accommodation in tents ( for 2 persons ) or cottages; 2) meals - 3 times a day ; 3) service of guide - consultant, physician; 4) using of dining tent, WC tent , shower; 5) storage tent ; 6) medical aid ( in BC ); 7) electricity 220V, 50Hz ( in BC ); 8) satellite phone, bar (additional payment); visa support letter(s); helicopter flights to BC Moskvina and back; permit for climbing and permit for visit border zone & registration in OVIR;

The cost does not include: visas -

  • Uzbek double entry ( according to Embassy`s tariff ):
  • Tadjik visa $ 65 / $ 50 per person ( < 10 /> 10 pax in the group ); service of mountain-guide and porters above BC; rent of equipment for ascent; meals above Base camp.

Note. Groups of more than 10 persons can book any dates of helicopter flights and the groups of less than 10 persons should follow the fixed dates of flights to the Moskvina glacier. Please, see below.

18.07, 20.07, 24.07, 28.07. 2003

You can visit our web site and see the schedule of flights to the main cities of Central Asia (Dushanbe, Tashkent, Bishkek, Almaty) where expeditions to Pamir start from.


1 option – 1 day - Arrival to Tashkent

2 day - Transfer to Osh (450km)

29 day -Transfer to Tashkent

30 day -Departure from Tashkent

2 option - 1 day - Arrival to Bishkek

2 day - Flight to Osh

28 day -Flight to Bishkek

29 day - Departure from Bishkek

3 option - 1 day - Arrival to Almaty

2 day - Transfer to Bishkek (240km) and flight to Osh

28 day -Flight to Bishkek, transfer to Almaty

29 day -Departure from Almaty

4 option – 1 day - Arrival to Tashkent. transfer to Samarkand (290 km)

2 day - Transfer Samarkand – Dushanbe ( 600 km )

28 day -Transfer Dushanbe – Samarkand.

29 day -Departure from Tashkent

The cost of delivery to Osh, $/pax

1 option – 150 $/pax

2 option – 150 $/pax

3 option – 220 $/pax

The cost of delivery to Dushanbe from Tashkent

4 option - 150 $/pax

Including transfers, domestic flights, accommodations at the hotels with breakfast.

We invite you to take part in the ascents on the other Peaks in this season 2003:

  • 75 years anniversary program of ascents to Lenin Peak;
  • Traditional program of ascents to Pobeda peak, Khan-Tengry peak and Muztagata peak are also actual;
  • In connection with opening of new frontier point from Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar – “Irkeshtam” pass in Alay valley you are offered a unique possibility of ascending to 2 peaks of 7000m – Lenin peak and Muztagata peak;
  • A special offer ( programme ) of ascents during one month to the three summits above 7000 m: Lenin, Samani ( Communizm) and Korjenevskay Peaks;
  • A special offer for Guinness book - 6 highest peaks of 7000m of Pamir and Tien-Shan for one season.

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