"EX - Travels. Adventures. Extreme"
November-December, #6/2002

Published in Saint Petersburg

Editor - Sergey Shibaev


1.- This Man invented the word "paraplane". This Man was one of the founders of paraplanerism in our country. This Man paraplaned from the peak of Kommunism at his jubilee of 60 years. He wants to do it again from Everest when he is 70. This is Valentin Bazukov. Climber, paraplanerist, paralpinist. "Prisoner of "Kommunism" - interview of A.Sobetov with V. Bazukov.

2. From early days warm was one of the main needs of humanity. A man tried to get warm with the help of fire or clothes. He used all possible materials: leather and wood, down and feathers. With time many natural heaters were substituted by modern synthetic equivalents. The exception is down. Its main unsurpassed advantage - is ease, extremely high heat-insulating characteristics, ability to compress, and then restore the size.
"EX" tells about down, its production, quality, choice, storage and washing of down clothes.

3. Nikolai Timonin debutes with the story about Altai expedition by kayaks.

4. Ordinary men, tied up by strong belts crosswise and covered with iron carabines, impudently challenged to nature, which raised its cold black wall on the way to the summit. Raising the ice-axe, they cut ice thresholds among rocky scabs, safely belaying each other by nylon rope."
A humorous story by Nikolai Pronin "Mountaineering, Journalism and Philology."

5.Doctor Alexei Dolinin in "soap-opera" "The order is to survive". The story 6. A fatal accident happened. What to do at first.

6. Multisport's news

7.S-Petersburg. Addresses and time-table of the work of mountaineering and climbing clubs.

8. Ice-climbing competition "Vyborg mixt"

9. Alexander Odintzov tells about ascending the Baffin land "From head to feet".
"Mountains are put from legs on a head. Base camp is lower the level of cloudiness, teeth are chattering. Drifting snow, winds. A fight for life. When you begin to work below - it's impossible to see something, foggy, clothes is covered with ice. Lifanov, Dorfman, Samoilenko felt uncomfortable there. We are above cloudiness. The sun is shining all day long. If there's no wind, you work just in polar. Radio set is always on-line. We are often asked: "Hard?". Not to destroy the atmosphere of the feat we reply: "Oh, everything is cool!"

For the first time: magazine inside magazine.
The magazine of the International Mountaineering Club.
- U.Skurlatov. Tendency of modern mountaineering. The results of The UIAA Assembly.
- U.Baikovsky. Expedition of International Mountaineering Club "Antarctic Continent-Russia".
- O.Zubkova. 263 films in Banff.
- A.Elkov. Applicants for recognition. Review of the best ascents of Russian and foreign climbers in 2002.
- Competition "Golden edelweiss" ( the best ascent of the year among Russian climbers).
3 calendars 2003 for the readers of "EX" - from Love Alpine, Charlet Moser, and International Mountaineering Club and magnificent photo of Ushba.


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