«Lenin Peak – 75 years»
The ascent season on Lenin Peak (7134 ì.) has been finished.
Even preliminary analysis shows the intensive growing interest to the region – not less than 500 mountaineers have made an attempt to climb the peak.
There have not been so many mountaineers since the time of Soviet Union.
It was a great comfort that the most representative teams were from CIS countries, Check Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Korea, Japan, Austria, and Germany etc.
“Asia Travel” company (Tashkent), “Asia Mountains” (Bishkek) and “Irkeshtam Tour”(Osh) have carried out the joint project “Lenin-2003”, dedicated to 75 year jubilee of the first ascent to the top , having set traditionally the Base Camp on Lukovaya glade.
For the first time a wayside yurt camp “Taldyk” (on 142-nd km of Pamir Highway) has started its work within the framework of the project.
Nice impressions were from Camp#1 (4200) that was equipped with the yurt with a stove.

Due to the comfortable service, excellent meal, steady transport work, medical treatment and trouble-free operation this project was successful and the camp was most visited by mountaineers.
In general 210 tourists and mountaineers were served at the base camp.
57 of them have reached the top, a Japan woman Mrs. Kazumi of 67 years is among them.
Except the abovementioned camp there were 2 more international ones working near Lenin Peak.

See you in 2004!


Dear friends, colleagues!
The joint project of "Alp-Navruz" and "Asia Travel" companies, dedicated
to "Communism - 70 years" and "Korjenevskaya - 50 years" jubilee ascents in the Pamir has been finished.

For the first time in last years 76 mountaineers from 15 world countries arrived in the International Mountain Camp on the Moskvina glacier. The most representative teams
were from Check Republic, Spain, South Korea, Norway, and Germany.

In spite of the severe weather conditions in the first part of the program
and heavily changed landscape of glaciers and slopes (especially on
Korjenevskaya Peak), the results of the season are impressive: 26
mountaineers have reached the Korjenevskaja Peak top (7105 m.) and 9
mountaineers have reached the Communism Peak top (7495 m.). One should
notice especially the achievements of Mrs. Dulskaya (Russia, Irkutsk),
Mrs Khofmanova and Mr.Milfait (Check Republic) having reached the both
summits over 7000 meters and also the mountaineers from Sweden Mr.
Ericsson - the first in the World who made the descent from the top of
Communism Peak by ski.

Unfortunately there were victims. On 27 July descending from the Korjenevskaya Peak on the altitude of 6500 m. fell down and died a mountaineer from Check Republic - Mr. Wlchek.

Let's hope that 2003 yeas has become the year of rebirth of the
International Mountain camp on the Moskvina glacier and the season 2004
will be more successful and safe.

We are welcome you!


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