75 – YEARS

Dear friends and colleagues!

In 1928, 75 years ago German and Austrian mountain-climbers ascended to Lenin peak (7134m) for the first time.

Tourist companies “Asia Travel” and “Asia Mountains” in common with the federations of mountaineering of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan invite the climbers to the international mountaineering camp for taking part in special anniversary programs “Lenin peak - 2003” at “anniversary” , preferential prices.

BASE PROGRAM (from Osh to Osh):

2 day – Arrival to Osh (from Bishkek, Tashkent, Almaty)
3 day – Transfer Osh – Base camp “Lenin peak”
4-18 day – Acclimatization and ascending
19 day - Transfer Base camp – Osh
20 day - Departure from Osh

The cost of the program is : 550USD/pax!!!

Including all transfers, 2 nights at a hotel in Osh, full board from 3 till 19 days at the Base camp and at the camp 4200 on Lenin glacier, permits for ascents, accommodation at double tents. Camp is providing by bar, hot shower, satellite communication, medical aid.


1 option – 1 day - Arrival to Tashkent

2 day - Transfer to Osh (450km)

20 day - Transfer to Tashkent

21 day - Departure from Tashkent

2 option - 1 day - Arrival to Bishkek

2 day - Flight to Osh

20 day - Flight to Bishkek

21 day - Departure from Bishkek

3 option - 1 day - Arrival to Almaty

2 day - Transfer to Bishkek (240km) and flight to Osh

20 day - Flight to Bishkek, transfer to Almaty

21 day - Departure from Almaty

The cost of delivery to Osh, $/pax

1 option – 150$/pax

2 option – 150$/pax

3 option – 220$/pax

Including transfers, domestic flights, accommodations at the hotels with breakfast.

In 2003 an international alpinist camp will be working on Moskvin glacier.

There will be special anniversary programs “Communism peak - 70” (the first ascending was in 1933), and “Korzhenevskaya peak - 50” (the first ascending was in 1953).

Traditional program of ascents to Pobeda peak, Khan-Tengry peak and Muztagata peak are also actual.
In connection with opening of new frontier point from Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar – “Irkeshtam” pass in Alay valley you are offered a unique possibility of ascending to 2 peaks of 7000m – Lenin peak and Muztagata peak.
A special offer for Guinness book - 6 highest peaks of 7000m of Pamir and Tien-Shan for one season.

Special offer for Lenin peak 2003:
For finding out the quality of services and conditions in our BC on 3800 and 4200, we offer you to send an expert from your company. We are ready to serve him gratis according to the program from Osh to Osh.

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