the Second International Festival “Khan-Tengri 2003”

Since july 17th to august 7th of 2003, in the very heart of central Tien-Shan mountains, at the bottom of Khan-Tengri peak, the Second International Festival “Khan-Tengri 2003” will be held for extreme sport amateurs.

The festival organizer is “Asia Tourism LTD” agency.
The First festival, which was held in 2000, made a great impression upon the visitors and participants of action. Positive reports and thanks from all over the world have inspired company employees & their head to hold the Second International Festival “Khan-Tengri 2003”. Further the festival will be held once in 3 years.

The festival program:

  • Ascent to “Khan-Tengri” peak (7010 m *) from the North.
  • Ascent to “Khan-Tengri” peak (7010 m) from the South.
  • Ascent to “Pobeda” peak (7439 m) and “Marble Wall” peak (6400 m).
  • The high-speed climb to “Khan-Tengri” peak (7010 m) from the North, prize is 3000 $ USD.
  • Opening of a new classic route to “Khan-Tengri” peak (7010 m) from the North.
  • Paragliding from the top of “Khan-Tengri” peak (Vladimir Karataev).
  • Balloon tours .
  • Ski-tours.
  • Heli-ski.
  • Slide show of internationally known alpinists.
  • Performance of bards.
  • Rafting.
  • Mountain bikes.

“The First International Rescuers Gathering” will be also held during this period.
The Gathering organizers are Almaty city Hall and “The Almaty city Rescue Service”.

Special offer:

Mass media, tour agents, sponsors, participants able to show their skills, foreign climbers who are ready to assist, the Kazakhstani alpinists at joint undertakings, are invited.
For all listed above there is a discount: 50% - 100%

We hope, that all guests and participants of Festival & of Gathering will get huge pleasure out of these actions, during all the time of being there.
We wish you good-luck and success in sport achievements!

*Khan Tengri is considered as 6995 in Russia
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