The latest step of the project - Shkhelda in March, 2002

Now that the words "Caucasus" and "war" became synonyms for many
people, there comes the haunting desire to separate them and show
this wonderful world as mountaineers see it, not the media.
During my 18 years of climbing I have often been to Caucasus, and
each visit created indelible, ever new impressions. After many
ascents in the Pamirs, Tien Shan, Alps, Norway, Himalayas and
Karakoram one gets in a position to compare and analyze and that is
the basis of the project. I want the Caucasus to be open, available
to everyone on the Earth.
Yuri Koshelenko, the head of the project

Photo by Ludmila Koshelenko

Yuri KOshelenko


Aims and tasks

To call the attention of climbers and mountain lovers all over the world to the Caucasus, thus instigating the wave of a positive interest in the region.

To update the existing information on the route conditions of different areas of the Greater Caucasus, taking into account the seasonal changes and climatic dynamics.


  • To do in the Caucasus in 2001-2003 a series of extreme climbs in a rope of two or solo with the photo and video material published in the media and Internet after or, quite likely, during the climbs themselves. Joint ascents of Caucasus walls with climbers from different countries.

  • The level of carrying out

  • Making new routes on the known Caucasus walls and doing them in a good sports style.

  • Making detailed maps and descriptions of the region with a lot of photos.

  • Producing a book about the Caucasus with a big historical part. Making videos about each stage of the project. Carrying out press-conferences.

To boost the project, it is going to be announced and presented as a traditional thing in the climbing world - a "challenge". Within the latter certain climbing objects for the coming year plus the climbing style will be suggested.
Several climbs of new routes of grades 4A-5A to train the younger generation will be on the schedule.


Yuri Koshelenko - head of the project

Viktor Bobok - member, a new route in party with Yuri on Shkhelda (North Face of Second West Tower)


  • Reconnaissance in Dombay area
  • Shkhelda, ascent in memory of Alex Lowe
  • Volnaya Ispaniya and Ullu-Kara peaks (probably between Kharinyak and Nagorny)
  • Shkhelda again
  • Mt. Fisht
  • On the north-west wall of Yerydag there appeared a new route called "Northern Edge" (1200 m., VI, 5.10, A2+).

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Translated by Yuri Kolomiets Yuri Koshelenko


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