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, Howse Peak

AustriansDavid LamaandHansjorg Aueras well as the AmericanJess Roskelley have been caught by an avalanche in Canada.



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20-21 2019 .



Winter K2 International Expedition chronicle

January, 25, 2019 A year ago, Jan, 25, 2018 Tomasz Mackiewicz Elisabeth Revol summited of Nanga Parbat (8125 m)

January, 25, 2019 K2 winter Spanish expedition. Alex Txikon wants to explore the east face. He still haven't choosed the route. The team is in ABC now.

January, 10, 2019 Jacek Teler about two teams aiming K2 climb this winter.

December, 28, 2018 K2 Winter International Expedition: New members list

October, 10, 2018 K2 Winter International Expedition There's new member in the team: Pavel Borobjov , 1968 (Russia)

Winter K2 International Expedition will start in January

March, 15, 2018 K2. Bogumil Slama - interview for K2 Winter Polish Expedition - Chronicle

March, 12, 2018 Anna Czerwinska awarded by Super Kolos/

Febary, 23, 2018 K2 Winter. Denis Urubko The normal tropical winter.

Febary, 22, 2018 K2 Winter. Denis Urubko interview "While here I didn't encounter such a terrible wind. There is an opportunity to work".

Febary, 21, 2018 K2 Winter. Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki returned to BC after 7400 and 2 njghts at 7200. Interview Adam Bielecki

Febary, 14, 2018 K2 Winter. Denis Urubko: Ooops!

Febary, 13, 2018 K2 Winter. Denis Urubko: Bright February

Febary, 11, 2018 SUMMIT! First winter ascent of Gora Pobeda (Pik Pobeda) by Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger, the highest mountain (3003 m.) of the Mounts Cerskij Range, in the coldest place on earth, in Siberia, at the Polar Artic Circle.Congratulations.

Febary, 10, 2018

Febary, 8, 2018 K2 Winter. Denis Urubko: no perspektives on Basques route.

Febary, 7, 2018 K2 Winter. Adam Bielecki had an accident. He was hit by a stone. Injuries of the nose and forehead. .

Febary, 6, 2018 K2 Winter. The letter from Denis, just after the descent to BC tonight.

Febary, 1, 2018 Elizabeth Revol told the story about Nanga climb/

January, 31, 2018 To save means to save. All rescue operations on 8000+, in which Urubko took part 2001-2018

January, 27-28, 2018 Nanga Parbat rescue.

January, 26, 2018 Nanga Parbat rescue.

Tomek & Elizabeth summited, then got stuck at 7400. After the night spent there they tried to descend. A rescue operation organized. The members of K2 team are ready to fly to Nanga. Denis Urubko, who ascended in the morning to C1, descended already and waiting the flight.

Denis Urubko : "We will try to go by Kinshoffer route as soon as possible. Adam and me are in head-team, going light style. Will be necessary to climb, sure, because old ropes shall be into the ice. Our group can be 4-6 members finally. We'll try to do our best."

The last info: Tomek is at 7280 in the tent, Eli at 6671 m, and she'll spend second night without tent, . And she knows about tomorrow rescue operation.

January, 23, 2018 Winter K2 Polish National Expedition/ 2:

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Denis' letter: Ciao, I descended to BC in 10-30. All's OK, the night was better than hoped. Yes, I set camps :) Problem in what will others do nearest days. I'll rest couple of days, then will go up again. While good weather lasts.

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January, 22, 2018 Winter Snow Leopard. The team summited Korzhenevskaya peak via new route today!



November, 1, 2017 Yuri Koshelenko and Alexey Lonchinsky ( both are Piolet D'Or winners) completed the first climb of Fangi peak (6538) in Nepal - SE face direct.

August, 5, 2017 XII International Elbrus Race. Registration is on! Competition program.

August, 4, 2017 Broad peak: Mingma Gyalje Sherpa +9 summited! THe second 8000-er in 8 days!

July, 28, 2017 K2. Andrzej Bargiel abandoned his expedition.

July, 28, 2017 Gasherbrum I. Czeh mountaineers Marek Holecek and Zdrnek Hak climbed new route on SW face.

July, 28, 2017 2: today Vanessa OBrien, John Snorri, Zhang Liang, Jing Xue, Azong, Mingma Gyalje, Dawa Gyalje Sherpa, Tsering Pemba Sherpa, Nima Nuru Sherpa, Lakpa Nuru Sherpa, Nima Tshering Sherpa and Ang Tsering Sherpa trached the top. THere're the first summeteers sincr 2014.

July, 27, 2017 Oscar Cadiach summited Broad peak today, and completed "14 8000-ers" program! Congrats!

July, 25, 2017 Mt.Krumkol, 4688m, Caucasus, Timofeev route, Russian grade 6a. ED, AI3, M5, A2. 20.07.2017 Alexander Gukov, Arkady Andreev, Nick Korzhakov.

July, 25, 2017 Lenin peak: Boris Korshunov, who is 82, summited it in 25th time! (photo Ak-Sai Travel)

July, 21, 2017 Gasherbrum II. Ukrainians Andrii Vergeles, Sergey Khapko and Maria Koval summited July, 20

July, 19, 2017 Two interesting climbs in Cordillera

June, 2, 2017 Annapurna. Bielecki, Berg, Allen

June, 2, 2017 Dhaulagiri tragedy

May, 31, 2017 Marek Raganovicz: two new routes on Baffin Island

May, 11, 2017 Congrats to Nives Meroi and Romano Benet, the first ever wife&husband climbed together all 8000-ers! Today they summited the 14th 8000-er - Annapurna!

May, 4, 2017 35 years ago, in 1982, Vladimir Balyberdin and Edward Myslovsky summited Everest via new route on South-West Face! It was the first ever Soviet Himalayan expedition, first Everest climb by soviet mountaineers. Great jubilee, comrades! Heartfelt congratulations to everyone alive expedition members!

April, 5, 2017 Lhotse- Everest Polish Expedition 2017

April, 5, 2017 Cho Oyu, North Face. Polish team led by Adam Bielecki, heading to climb thr new route this seson. The team will cosist of 4 persons.


Febuary, 28, 2017 All winter climbs of 7000-meters peaks belong to Snow leopard program

Febuary, 27, 2017 Semion Dvornichenko. Expedition 2017. Or from 13 till 13. (about duble winter climb Khan Tengri - Pobeda.

Febuary, 23, 2017 Lenin peak Winter. Kazakhstan team (6 climbers) reached the top Feb, 22 on 4 pm. Expedition chronicle

Febuary, 8, 2017 Pobeda peak Winter. Serguey Seliverstov, Mikhail Danichkin, Semion Dvornichenko (Kyrgyzia) and Alexey Usatykh (Russia) summited today!

Febuary, 8, 2017 Victor Pastukh borned 60 years ago

Febuary, 7, 2017 Pobeda peak. Stayed for the night at 6950. The wind is too strong.

Summit bid! Guys climbed to 6950 m. T-41C in evening. .

Febuary, 7, 2017 Lenin peak. Kazakhstan national team going today to reach BC. T -30 C/

Febuary, 6, 2017 Pobeda peak. Kyrgyz team, led by Seguey Selivedtov, reached 6100 m. 5900-6200. 6100. . ))

January, 30, 2017 Khan Tengri. Denis and all his team descended to the Base Camp.

January, 29, 2017 Khan Tengri Winter. Denis Urubko summited today on 12-30. Descended to the snow cave.

January, 27, 2017 Khan Tengri Winter. Serguey Seliverstov, Mikhail Danichkin, Semion Dvornichenko (Kyrgyzia) and Alexey Usatykh (Russia) summited Jan 26

January, 12, 2017 Khan Tengri Winter Expedition start today from Bishkek.

December, 11, 2016 Amangeldy Race 2016 in Memory of Anatoly Boukreev. Date: December 25th, 2016
Start place: Shymbulak Mountain Ski Resort (Alatau)

December, 4, 2016 Moscow team Nilov-Golovchenko-Grigoriev yesterday won Russian Golden Axe for the first ascent of Thalay Sagar (photo: Anna Piunova)

November, 21, 2016 Pakistan. Renowned mountaineer Hassan Sadpara passes away. Sadpara was the only Pakistani to have climbed six of the world's tallest mountains including Mt Everest (8848m), K2 (8611m), Gasherbrum I (8080m), Gasherbrum II (8034m), Nanga Parbat (8126 m) and Broad Peak (8051m). He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month.R.I.P



October, 11, 2016 Eugeny Vinogradsky is 70 today!





October, 6, 2016 Snow Leopards. List (officially registered (Shataev's list) with 2016 additions)

October, 5, 2016 Manaslu. Mariano Galvan continued alone. He spent four days on the mountain and was 300m below summit where a technical section forced him to retreat. The technical difficulties were impossible to scale, at least for me. Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galvan climbed the normal route and summited on October 4th.

September, 30, 2016 Manaslu. Today Igor Zdanovich, Saulus damulevichus, natalia Zenina Dina Terentjeca summited.

September, 28, 2016 Manaslu. Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galvan started yesterday from BC, trached the place, where the set C2 some days ago, but... the campsite was gone. Alberto descended to BC today.

September, 21, 2016 Manaslu. Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galvan are going for the new route on the NE Face. They have already established C2 at 6400m and are back in BC. Ready for summit push.

September, 19, 2016 Winter K2 attempt now rescheduled for 2017/18 by Polish team

September, 16, 2016 XI International Elbrus Race. Oxana Stefanishina set new world's Elbrus record: she run from Azau (2400) to Elbrus West top (5642) in 4 hrs 9 min 39 sec!

The previous women record belonged to Polish athlete Anna Figura (4 hrs 22 min 10 sec, 2015). The second among women was Izabella Zatorska (5hrs 30 min 40 sec) The best men's result in that competitions had Piotr Hercog (4:54:09), second Tomasz Brzeski (5:00:45), third Leszek Rzeszotko (5:19:51)

August, 29, 2016 Snow Leopards in one season (statistics)

August, 25, 2016 Six members of "Vysota" project have cpmpleted Snow Leopard program in this summer season. Andrew Vasiljev, Anton Pugovkin, Maxim Krivosheev, Lev Pantjuhin, Vassily Rubtsov and Artjom Cheremhykh climbed all 5 7000ers in 38 days. Their climbs dates: Lenin peak 13.07.16, Korzhenevskaya peak 25.07.16, Communism peak 02.08.16, peak Pobeda 14.08.16, Khan Tengri 19.08.16.

August, 23, 2016 Artjom Braun have completed Snow Leopard program in the shortest period among Russian climbers (35 days from the beginning the first climb, and 34 days 2hrs from the first summit (Lenin peak) till the last (Khan Tengri)! Dates of his climbs: Lenin peak 16.07.16, Korzhenevskaya peak 25.07.16, Communism peak 02.08.16, peak Pobeda 14.08.16, Khan Tengri 19.08.16.

August, 14, 2016 Andrzej Bargiel: Snow Leopard in 30 days! 5x7000 m and ski descents!

August, 4, 2016 August, 3 International Olympic Commetee announced the Sports Climbing has been approved for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! It was announced on the 29th IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro

August, 4, 2016 August, 7 the Catalan Kilian Jornet will set off for Tibet with Jordi Tosas. It'll be the next stage of Kilian's projectSummits of my life.They hope to climb Everest, via Norton or Hornbein couloir, in a single push, without bottled oxygen and Sherpa support, during the monsoon season.

July, 29, 2016 Gasherbrum IV: Ales Cesen and Luka Lindic Reached North Summit on July 26th and are safely back to in Base Camp. They climbed Northwest Ridge.

July, 29, 2016 Kyzyl Asker (Tien Shan, Kok Shal Too) Rwo new routes climbed by Krasnoyarsk mountaineers.

June, 3, 2016 Ukrainian Vladimir Mogila, member of 6 Himalayan expeditions, died June, 2 on Elbrus from HACE. Rescuers discovered his body on 3900 m

May, 13, 2016 Makalu. May, 12 Italian couple Nieves Meroi and Romano Benet topped out at 10:00am. THis was their 13th 8000-er.

Sayram North Face, Tien ShanApril, 26, 2016 Sayram peak (Ugam ridge, Southern Kazakhstan). Three ays agoKirill Belotserkovsky and Max Ten forged new route on the north face. It took 22 hours to get to the top and rap down the 3B route to the camp below the mountain. Category is Russian 5B or, more common for westerners, 700m WI 4 and some tricky drytooling.



April, 18, 2016 Mikhail Fomin and Nikita Balabanov - Piolet D'Or 2016 (for the climb Talung, 7349 via NW battress) All Piolets D'Or in 2016

March,3, 2016 Alex Txikon interview: De las 13 horas del ataque a cumbre solo disfrute unos segundos

February,26, 2016 First winter ascent on Nanga Parbat! today Alex Txikon (Spain), Muhammad Ali Sadpara (Pakistan), Simone Moro (Italy) reached the summit! February 26th dawned as a beautiful summit day, as predicted by meteorologists.Climbers started from C4 on 6 a.m., were at 7800 on 12-30, at 8000 on 14-00, summited about 15-40 local time, first Ali, then Alex and Simone 20 minutes later. Tamara Lunger stopped around 100m short of the summit.She was really close maybe less than 100m from summit when she made the brave decision to retreat. She slipped while crossing a crevasse just below C4. She was dragged for a distance of around 200 meters, could halt herself and wasnt seriously injured. Next morning, Tamara had some stomach issues and vomited all night before. Nonetheless, she pushed on and was forced to turn back in 100 m from the goal... A decision that few in the world would have been able to make, - said Simone about Tamara. All had returned to C4 on 21-00, then descended to BC Feb, 27. (info:

First winter ascent on Nanga Parbat

Ali & Alex on the summit. photo (a) Alex Txikon

First winter ascent on Nanga Parbat

All team in BC. (photo (a) Alex Txikon

February,2, 2016 2015 Golden Pitons, Mountaineering: NIKITA BALABANOV AND MIKHAIL FOMIN, UKRAINE

Feb, 2, 1990 Valery Khrishaty, Serguey Ovcharenko, Gennady Mikhailov, Serguey Bogomolov and Gennady Bogomolov did the first ever winter climb to Pobeda peak

February,1, 2016 All winter climbs to Lenin peak (7134 m)

January ,22, 2016 Peak Lenin Winter climb. Today, 12-30, the whole team (Sergey Seliverstov (leader), Mihkail Danichkin, Roman Abildaev, Alexey Usatyh) reached the summit!

January ,3, 2016 Nanga Parbat Winter. Adam Bielecki team set C1 at 4900 (Kinshoffer route), Alex Txikon team set C1 at 4850 m , Nanga Dream team set C1 at 5900 m (Rupal, Shell route).

December,29, 2015 Denis Urubko: Elbrus winter, Dec, 2015

December,9, 2015 Denis Urubko: "I want to share my experience to those who need it". So there is a project to create high-altitude mountaineering team. The first stage of the project is the winter Elbrus ascent. They came to the Caucasus Dec, 2. Now the team is working on the North slope of the mountain. Dec, 7 December them ascended to 4600, spent the night and went down to 3700. Today they rest. 79-year-old Italian Mario Curnis is the member too, with the mate Matteo Gallizioli, Russians Alexander Lutokhin, Anton Kravchenko, Andrey Shlyapnikov, Evgeny Plekhov, Vassiliy Rubtsov, Alexander Radionov, Eugene Rusyn and pole Christian Madeja. In the spring it is planned to climb Lenin peak, then Cho Oyu in Fall.

December,9, 2015 Douglas Tompkins, a noted conservationist and the founder of the clothing brands North Face and Esprit, died on Tuesday after a kayaking accident on General Carrera Lake in the Patagonia. He was 72. The strong waves on the lake caused the groups kayaks to capsize.
A military patrol boat rescued three of the boaters, and a helicopter lifted out the other three,
it said. No one else was seriously injured. Tompkins died in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Coyhaique



December,5, 2015 Piolet D'Or Russia 2015 awarded to Sergei Nilov, Dmitry Golovchenko, Dmitry Grigorjev for climb to Sedoy Strazh (5481, Tien Shan)

Sedoy Strazh (5481 m, first climb, Tien Shan, Kok-Shaal Too West) the route "Devjaty Val" via East Face battress, 6B Russian grade, ( length 1835 , altitude difference 1230 , average steepness 60 grad.). 16-21 Aug 2015, rop 20 Aug.





December,4, 2015 Talung (7429) climb by Mikhail Fomin & Nikita Balabanov awarded yesterday as the best Ukrainian climb in 2015

December,4, 2015 The party in honour of Anatoli Boukreev took place in Moscow today.

December,1, 2015 Nanga Parbat. In memory of climbers killed by terrorists in BC. The art by Sergey Gai (Moscow)

November,2, 2015 Kilimanjaro: 86-years-old Russian woman has set Guinness record

Talung 7439 mNovember,2, 2015 Talung, 7439m, Nepal. Michail Fomin and Nikita Balabanov (Ukraine) made the first climb via northwest buttress. Alpine style, 6 days in total, height difference 1700m, M6, AI6, A3






October,26, 2015 Kyzyl Asker. Slovenian expedition to western Kookshal Too.

October,21, 2015 Swiss trio climb three virgin summits in India's Kashmir Himalaya

October,20, 2015 Lhotse 1990 Expedition - 25 anniversary! (Lhotse South Face climb) The story by Gennady Kopeika

October,18, 2015 Snow Leopards: 7 climbers completed the program in 2015 - Vladimir Chistikov, Kanat Naurzaliev, Carlalberto Cimenti, Vassily Drozdov, Mikhail Nosenko, Serguey Bublik and Eugeny Karepin. Congratulations!

Snow Leopards (the total list) / List of Snow Leopards according to certificate granting by Vladimir Shataev

September,25, 2015Thulagi (7095 m) had been climbed by fourpersons team from Saint Petersburg 9 Alexander Gukov, valery Shamalo, Ivan Dozhdev and Ruslan Kirichenko). It was the first ever successful climb to this peak.

September,24, 2015 X International Elbrus Race. New Elbrus record set today by Polish athlete Anna Figura: 4 hrs 22 min 10 sec!!!! from Azau to West top

September,21, 2015 X International Elbrus Race.The route like on the palm

September,10, 2015 Sasha DiGiulian and Carlo Traversi Climb the Eiger North Face

September,3, 2015 Huandoy Sur, Peru. Guides and rescuers from Peru Expeditions managed to lower the bodies of Alexander Ruchkin and Slava Ivanov to the bottom of Huandoy Sur South Face. It was the difficult and dangerous task. We respect to rescuers.

September,2, 2015 Huandoy Sur, Peru. Alexander Ruchkin and Vjacheslav Ivanov died on the descent on Huandoy Sur South face. Their bodies had been found by local guides today on the ledge 5300 m. Probably, the climbers were swept by the rockfall in the very beginning of the descent from their last bivouac Aug, 26-27.

Alexander Ruchkin was awarded by Piolet D'Or in 2005 for Jannu North Face climb, and Piolet D'Or Russia in 2009 and 2013 (for the first climb on Minya Konka massif, Sichuan, with Mikhail Mikhailov; and Kusum Kanguru (6367 m) SW Face the route "Falling into the void" with Vjacheslav Ivanov)

Vjacheslav Ivanov was three-times Champion of Russia in Mountaineering.


September,1, 2015 Huandoy Sur, Peru. Alexander Ruchkin and Slava Ivanov missing on South Face.

They went to Peru to climb the new line on Huandoy Sur South Face, began the climb Aug, 20 from 4850 m, first night spent at 5300. Aug, 21 - 6 pitches of mixt. Aug, 22 - 3,5 pitches, night at 5552 m. Aug, 26 - night at 5640 m. Aug, 27 they climbed only 20 m in 5 hours. It's the last connection...

The rescue team (7 persons) from Peru Expeditions company is heading to BC now.

August, 25, 2015 Snow Leopard with ski descents. Italian CarlAlberto Cimenti completed the program 2013 - Lenin Peak, Korzhenevskaya, Khan Tengri. 2014 -Pobeda peak (August, 13). 2015 -Communism peak(August, 19). Also Albertomade the ascent and ski descent on Cho Oyu and Manaslu.

Elbrus North slopeAugust, 23, 2015 Elbrus. Info from Denis Urubko. The past few days the rescuers continued to seek the third Pole, but to no avail. When the Polish trio decended from Elbrus West top, there was Artur (the guy from Cheboksary) together with them. On the way down to the Col the guys were exhausted, began to freeze, lost orientation. Artur tried to help them, made going faster. Then he started solo descend, but went astray, appeared heavily to the West of "kosaya" on the South slope of Elbrus. Stopped in the dangerous place, he managed to take pictures of the surroundings and send the photo by sell phone to the rescuers. They got this photo and understood the Artur's location. Later he was lifted by the helicopter from dangerous place.
Two Poles died at 5400 and 5300 on the North slope, and had been found there. Rescuers suggested, that the third Polish climber had possibility to go anywhere on such a huge mountain. In any case team of rescuers went by the South and North slopes many times, which where then carefully searched. Rescue team (and Urubko with them) looked into the crevasses, holes, picked up a lot of old lost items - mittens, backpacks and so on - lost by the different climbers during a lot of years, but the body was not found. The next helicopter search is planning in next few days in case of good weather. The photo: searches track Aug 22, on the North slope
, rescuers on the glacier, help to the girl with broken leg

August, 22, 2015 X International Elbrus Race. Boukreev's route is added to the program of X Elbrus Race. Exactly 25 years ago, Anatoly Boukreev set the unique record: 1h 47 minutes from Priut 11 to Elbrus East top. So, it would be great to give mordern climbers a chance to compete with the great Climber Anatoly Boukreev.

August, 12, 2015 Juho Knuuttila (Finland), who is 19, climbed two 7000ers this summer - Lenin peak & Khan Tengri. The next was Pobeda peak, but today Juho wrote: "After 24 hours of 100k/h winds at C4 (6400m) I decided to bail. Now safely back at BC. No frostbites etc. Pik Pobeda's totally diffirent game than Khan Tengri, Pik Kommunizma etc. " Great result for the young guy!

August, 11, 2015 X International Elbrus Race. Competitions schedule.

August, 4, 2015 Ushba. Mikhail Melnikov, 53, Snow Leopard, Everest and Nanga summiteer, lost yesterday on Ushba, Myshlyaev route, in Georgia

July, 26, 2015 Gasherbrum II. Olek Ostrovski missed on ski descent...

July, 25, 2015 Broad peak. Andrzej Bargiel summited today on about 11 am local time, alone. then descended by ski to the BC in 2 hrs. Andrzej started from BC July,23 in morning approx. 5am local time. The original plan was the speed climb, but fatal conditions (heavy snow and wind) forsed to change the plan. Today he left C3 on 3 a.m. local time. About 11am local time he reached the top. Skiing down to the base took him two hours, for approx. 20 minutes traverse of rocky foresummit, and 1 hr rest in C3. That was the first ever ski descent from Broad peak.

July, 20, 2015 Broad peak. The avalanche hit the seven climbers ob the route this morning, on 11 am local time. one missing (Pakistani HAP), others injured. They need heli evacuation, but the weather doesn't permit the flights yet. Chris Burkehas posted a complete update as she is climbing Broad Peak and was at Broad Peak Base Camp when the avalanche occurred. She noted that other climbers rushed to aid the victims and pulled one person out from the debris. While the rescues were occurring, more avalanches were triggered. The injured need urgent medical care but helicopters, operated but the Pakistani military, are grounded in Skardu due to weather. (info:

July, 20, 2015 Denis Urubko. The Wortex.

July, 15, 2015 Karakorum. Raheel Adnan wrote about summit fids preparation on GI and GII. The conditions in Karakoram have improved.GII summit bid will be led by Kobler & Partner expedition whose guides and Sherpa have already fixed the route till C3 (7000m). There are no commercial teams on GI and climbers will jointly open the route from C2 (6430m) to C3 (ca 7000m). Depending upon weather and mountain conditions, the climbers may return to BC or go for the summit from C3. GI climbers sat together on July 12th to finalize the summit-bid plans. Several small independent teams will be collaborating for route fixing and summit push on the mountain.

Yannick Graziani left Base Camp yesterday and reached C1 ahead of others. Other GI climbers were planning to climb directly to C2, today. They will jointly work on route opening above C2. Having already tagged C3 and spent multiple nights in C2, GII teams are more ready for summit-bid. First group of climbers left Base Camp yesterday. Others are going up today. Climbers are hoping to reach the top on Thursday. The leading group (Ngima Chhiring Lama, NgaDorchi Sherpa, Robert Gunther Herz, Laura Castillo, Yuri Contreras and Peter Schatzl) reached C1 yesterday and is on the way to C2 now. They report that recent snow made the climb from BC to C1 challenging and time-consuming. Laura Castillo wrote that it took them almost 10hrs to cover the distance which usually takes around 5.5hrs. Around knee-deep snow has covered the tracks from previous trips.

July, 15, 2015 Juho Knuuttila (Finland), who is 19 and wants to complete Snow Leopard program in one season, summited Lenin peak today on 10 am. Now he's descending (info from C2).

July, 4, 2015 "7 Summits" team, led by Ludmila Korobeshko, summited Denali today in very bad weather. Zigmund Berdykhovsky completed "7 Summits" program.

June, 2, 2015 The first ascent on Mt. Reaper in Alaska

May, 28, 2015 Ushba, 1973. The retro film abo ut the climb led by Vladimir Monogarov

May, 18, 2015 Dean Potter Killed in Wingsuit BASE Jumping Accident. Dean Potter (43), and Graham Hunt (29) died from impact during a wingsuit flight from Taft Point in Yosemite, on May 16.

May, 4, 2015 Kazakhstan mountaineer, Ural Usenov (85), died yesterday in Almaty. Ural was the member of the expedition to Pobeda peak in 1955. The team consisted of 16 climbers. August, 19 the part of the team (12 climbers) reached 6930 m, in very extreme conditions. All of them died, except Ural, who descended 4 days, fell in the crevasse, spent the night there, but survived and was rescued...

April, 25-28, 2015 The earthquake in Nepal. The Tragedy.

April, 12, 2015 Piolets D'Or were awarded to three teams: Americans Tommy CaldwellandAlex Honnoldfor Fitz Roy traverese, Russians AleksanderGukowandAlexey Lonchinsky for the first climb ofShy Girl route onThamserku (6618 m), and Slovenians Ales Cesen,Luka LindicandMarko Prezeljfor the first climb onHagshu(6657 m). Piolet for the Life-time-achievement awarded to Sir Chris Bonington.

March, 30, 2015 Everest. Raphael Slawinski(Canada) with Germans David Gottler and Daniel Bartsch are going to climb the new route on Northeast Face, without supplemental oxygen. Slawinski has never climbed one of the 14 8,000-metre peaks. In 1988, Barry Blanchard and Mark Twight attempted the face. The only route up the face isZakharovs Couloir, it has seen three ascents and no fatalities.Slawinskis team will be attempting a new route to the right or left.

March, 30, 2015 Tyis spring Kilian Jornet with his team is going to Everest, which is the last step of the project "Summits of My Life". He will travel to the Khumbu with a team of Jordi Tosas, Jordi Corominas, Sebastien Montaz and Vivian Bruchez. Kilian says that this spring will be a touchdown and high altitude test.

March, 25, 2015 Annapurna. Two climbers died during the descent: Samuli Mansikka (36) and Pemba Sherpa (35) Both bodies found at 7000 m. RIP...

March, 24, 2015 Annapurna. 13 climbers summited: Zhang Liang (China)A Zhong (China) Jing Xue (China) Samuli Mansikka (Finland) Muharrem Aydin Irmak (Turkey) Zdravko Dejanovic (Macedonia) Reza Shahlaee (Iran) Mingma G. Sherpa (Nepal - expedition leader) Anggeli Sherpa (Nepal) Gimaongchu Sherpa (Nepal) Pemba (Nepal) Kazi Sherpa (Nepal) Nima Gyalzen Sherpa (Nepal)

Anatoly OvchinnikovMarch, 17, 2015 Anatoly Ovchinnikov, well-known Russian alpinist, the coach of the 1st Soviet HImalayan expedition (Everest-82), died March, 16, at age 88

March, 17, 2015 Gennady Durov died yesterday during the climb. He and his partner Shamil Iskhanov fell to their death not far from OKtjabrenok peak summit. They climbed the route 3rd grade... Gennady was Urubko's partner in the famous Pobeda climb ("Dollar rod"), and so he was a nominee of Piolet D'Or 2012...

March, 16, 2015 Winter expedition to Pobeda peak is over. Serguey Seliverstov, SMS March, 14: 2 utrom dvoika uclimbers began to descent in the morning. We stay only 5 in C2. Began to climb to C3, but the wind on the ridge forced us to turn to C2. Looked at forecast decided to go down to BC. Tired. " All are in BC.

March, 14, 2015 Nanga Parbat. Alex Txikon, Ali "Sadpara", Daniele Nardi & Muhammad Khan descended to BC. Successful rescue. Expedition is over.

March, 9, 2015 Winter expedition to Pobeda peak, Serguey Seliverstov, SMS March, 7: Climbed ridge, till the main wall. Set C3 (6230m). Very stron wind SMS March, 8: " 4 climbers are going down, 5 climbers continue the climb. But the wind forced us to seat in C3. Tomorrow going to BC. Very tired

March, 5, 2015 Piolet D'Or 2015. Nominees and juri.

March, 2, 2015 Denis Urubko: The true winter on 8000ers. Which climbs can be considered as "winter".

Febuary, 26, 2015 Winter expedition to Pobeda peak, The team reached 5600, then descended to BC. Temperature is -30C/

Febuary, 25, 2015 Winter expedition to Pobeda peak, The team set C1 at 4600 Feb, 23, then set C2 at 5100 Feb, 24 and foxed 9 ropes more.

Febuary, 18, 2015 Winter expedition to Pobeda peak, devoted to 70th anniversary of the GreatVictory over the fasizm in II WW, began yesterday. The leader of the project - Ervand Iljinsky (Almaty). The Kazakh team is already in Karakol. Climbers: Serguey Seliverstov (Bishkek), Artjom Braun (Moscow), others are from Almaty - Vassily Pivtsov, Alexander Sofrygin, Ildar Gabbasov, Dmitry Muravjev, Vitaly Zhdanov and Tursunali Aubakirov.

Febuary, 12, 2015 Nanga Parbat winter. Alex Txikon, Ali Sadpara and Daniele Nardi set C3 at 6700 m. They'll spend the night there.

Febuary, 10, 2015 Nanga Parbat winter. Alex Txikon writes that international team set C2 at 6000-6100 m today.

Febuary, 9, 2015 Denis Urubko invites to the training in Albino.

Febuary, 8, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. Russian team has arrived to Islamabad yesterday. On Diamir Face Daniele Nardi joined International team which climbs Kishoffer route.

Febuary, 6, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: "Today exactly 45th day as we left St. Petersburg, and, unfortunately, the time for our expedition runs to the end. The mountain is clear at last, for the first time in two weeks, but there're still snow flags on the top due to the strong wind. We pack BC and are going down".

Febuary, 3, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: "We managed to return to BC through the bad weather. All are safe and sound. Nothing real on the route in such wind. You can fly to K2 at once"

Febuary, 1, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: Wind 100 km/hour, snow blizzard, no visibility, the real February frost. Waiting weather improving.

January, 31, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: We are in C4 at 7150. There're very fresh there. Tomorrow we'll go to Diamir side.

January, 28, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians in 5 am: "We begin to climb up".

January, 27, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: Breathed the fresh air, BTW reopened the way 3600-4600 m

January, 22, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: "We set camps at 5100, 6000, 6700, deposit at 7100. The hard winter ice everywhere upper 6000".

Diamir Face: Elizabeth left the base camp without saying goodbye yesterday early morning. Tomek is going home too.

January, 20, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. SMS from Russians: "Reached 7150, the place to move to Diamir Face. The huge mount! Now we rest in BC. All's OK"Boris Korshunov

January, 19, 2015 Boris Korshunov, the unique 9-time Snow Leopard, who's about 80, did his 83rd Elbrus climb Jan, 8, when the temperature was -50C. Photo by Victoria Klimenko

January, 19, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter. Tomash and Elizabeth are back in BC. They have reached7800 meters.

January, 18, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter. No news from Tomek & Elizabeth after Jan, 15. BTW, Alex Txikon with two Pakistanians Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Muhammad Kan are going for the winter attempt on Nanga too. THey hope to reach BC to the next week end. They want to climb from the Diamir Face - Kinshoffer route or Messner route.

January, 14, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expeditions. Russians left BC today morning, continue to work on the route. Tomek Mackiewiczand Elisabeth Revolset C4 on the altitude about 7000 m, and are going to go up tomorrow. The weather is not good. There's very few snow on the Diamir Face.

January, 13, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter. Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol are in C3 at 6600m, on Messner-Hanspeter route. They will try to reach 7200m tomorrow. Daniele Nardi was in Diamir BC, today. He awaits better weather to set up C2 at 5100m. (source

January, 12, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. Guys made the deposit at 6000, fixed ropes up to the ridge, but we were swept by the wind from the ridge, so in BC again.

January, 12, 2015 American climber Lonnie Dupre became the first to climb solo McKinley in January. He topped out Jan, 11. It was his fourth attempt. Only two climbers were on the highest top of Nort America before him - Artur Testov and Vladimir Ananich. But Lonnie was first who did this route solo in winter!

January, 11, 2015 Elbrus. Denis Urubko reached the West top Jan, 8 in the very cold and windy conditions.

January, 11, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. The team work on the route since Jan, 8. Will return to the BC soon.

January, 6, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. "..headed up today, but turned back at 4200 due to high avalanche danger. Waiting..."

January, 4, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. The team prepared the route till 5900 and return to BC

January, 2, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter. Tomash Mackiewicz and Elizabeth Revol set C1.

January, 1, 2015 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. One of the team members, Serguey Kondrashkin, is ingenious sculptor. Look at his art works!

December, 31, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. The team wishes the HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers (sms from BC)

December, 30, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. The team set C1 at 5250 on Shell route.

December, 27, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. The team reached BC.

December, 25, 2014 K2 Winter expedition is cancelled. DEnis Urubko got the letter from Chinese authorities, that the team is not permitted to climb K2. Because terrorists are very active in north-west part of the country.

December, 25, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. The team'll begin the way to BC tomorrow.

December, 24, 2014 Kilian Jornet set the new record! After 12:49 min he achieved in his second attempt the fastest time running up and down Aconcagua (6962)! Dec, 15 Kilian reached the top of Aconcagua for the acclimatization. Then, Dec, 19 he did the attempt of the speed acsent, but forced to turn back in 500 m from the top due to the strong wind. And yesterday - the success!

December, 22, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition. Russian team started today from Saint Petersburg.

December, 21, 2014 K2 Winter expedition. Denis Urubko, Alex Txikon and Adam Bielecki had planned to fly to China on Dec, 21.However, they received a notice from chinese authorities this week, in which were informed that their permit had not yet been processed.They must wait about three weeks and may not start the expedition until Jan, 9. So, the team decided to ariive to Kashmir to that date.

December, 20, 2014 Susmita Maskey, 35-year-old Nepali woman arrived to Kathmandu from Mt. Vinson Massif, the highest peak of Antarctica, which was her final destination towards climbing the seven highest peaks of all the continents. Susmita started by successfully climbing Everest on May 22, 2008 for the first time and conquered it again on May 18, 2011. Then she scaled the highest peaks of the six continents in just 17 months.

December, 8, 2014 Piolet D'Or Russia: Alexey Lonchinsky and Alexander Gukov awarded for Tamserku climb

November, 28, 2014 Denis Urubko: interview for ExWEb before the start of K2 Winter Expedition

November, 5, 2014 Nanga Parbat. Winter expedition. Four alpinists from Saint Petersburg are going to climb this 8000-er. The team: Nickolay Totmjanin, Valery Shamalo, Serguey Kondrashkin and Victor Koval. They'll start from Russia Dec, 22

October, 24, 2014 Jerzy Kukuczka, the outstanding Polish mountaineer,himalaist, who was the second in the world who climbs all 14 8000-ers, died 25 years ago, October, 24, 1989 on the Lhotse South Face... We remember him!

October, 7, 2014 Snow Leopard. THis year the program was completed by: Lazo Vitaly (RUS), Achim Rinortner (DE), Ishangaliev Asylbek (KZ), Kuznetsov Andrew (RUS) and Horl Hans Gunter (DE). Congratulations!

October, 1, 2014 India, Kashmir. Kopteva & Chibitok climbed virgin North-West Face of Golden Sentinel (5200 ). The route named as "Samurai's daughter".

October, 1, 2014 Gasherbrum V. The first ascent by Korean team

September, 26, 2014 Shishapangma Avalanche: Andrea Zambaldi and Sebastian Haag disappear, Martin Maier survives

September, 25, 2014 Manaslu. Today Polish alpinist Andrzej Bargiel set new record: he reached the top in 14 hrs 5 min from the base camp. Congrats!

September, 21, 2014 Ararat. Sep, 12, Russian-Ukrainian mini-expedition reached the top of holy Ararat (5137 m). As 24 years ago, during Everest Peace Climb expedition, they climbed together - Russian Vladimir Shataev (77, Moscow), the honored mountaineering coach of the USSR, and Ukrainian Mstislav Gorbenko (67, Odessa), the honored Master of Sports of USSR, they raised the national flags of Ukraine and Russia.

August, 29, 2014. Shafat fortress. India, Kashmir. Kopteva & Chibitok are heading to the first climb.

August, 24, 2014. Elbrus record. Today, aug 24, 2014, Vitaly Shkel run from Azau (2400) to the West top (5642) and returned back in 4 hrs 39 min 17 sec (up and down)! The ascent time was 3 hrs 28 min 41 sec. It's great rusult! Very close to Andrzej Bargiel's result (3 hrs 23 min 39 sec), which is still the absolute record of Elbrus climb (set in 2010). BTW, much depends of the condiions on Elbrus, and today the conditions weren't ideal.

July, 27, 2014 K2. More summits today! FinnishSamuli Mansikka (without oxygen), Americans Alan Arnette, Matthew Dupuy, Garrett Madison, Kami Rita Sherpa, Fur Kancha Sherpa, Kami Tshering Sherpa. Iranian Reza Shahlaee and Macedonian Zdravko Dejanovic.

July, 26, 2014 K2. The unique day! A lot of summits! Good weather. Repost from Raheel Adnan blog: Italians Tamara Lunger, Nikolaus Gruber, Giuseppe Pompili and Michele Cucchi , Pakistans Hassan Jan, Ali Durani, Rahmat Ullah Baig,Ghulam Mehdi, Ali, Muhammad Sadiq, Amin Baig, Spaniard Ferran Latorre,Chris Jensen Burke (NZ/Aus), Czechs Radek Jaros and Travnicek Jan, Britt Adrian Hayes, Sherpas Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, Maya Sherpa,Lakpa Sherpa,Tsering Sherpa ... and it's not the full list Congratulations!

July, 25, 2014 K2. THe great forecast for the next days! All teams are going to C4.

July, 24, 2014 Success on Broad peak. Yestarday summited Romanian Alex Gavan, Spaniard Jesus Morales, Bulgarian climbers Boyan Petrov and Ivan Tomov, two Pakistani HAPs Little Hussain and Muhammad Taqi summited along with three Taiwanese, the Mexican couple Badia Bonilla and Mauricio Lopez, Felix Alexander Berg, Richard Michael Stihler, Christian Leitinger and Torsten Neumay,.Pakistani trio, Karim Hayat, Safdar Karim and Naseer Ud-Din, July, 23: Hungarians Szilard Suhajda and Csaba Varga. (info: )

July, 2, 2014 K2 Base Camp the highest meteorological climate monitoring station in Baltoro area has been successfully installed

June, 30, 2014 Elbrus. Mountain rescuer Abdulkhalim Elmezov (KBR climbing federation presidend and 2-ce Everest summiter) summited Elbrus with his five brothers and two nephews! The elder brother is 66 years, younger is 50!

June, 30, 2014 Pakistan K2 Expedition 2 set yesterday at 6800 m.

June, 26, 2014 Yosemity National Park celebtates 150th birthday! June, 30 1874 President Abraham Lincoln signedlegislation enacted by Congress that established Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove as the first protected wild land for all time. A half century later, in 1890, the land around these two tracts was designated as Yosemite National Park.

June, 26, 2014 7 summits for Nepali girls. The first Nepali women team climbed Denali, the highest peak in North America.The team reached the summit at 13:45 pm June, 24. Girl's names are: Chunu Shrestha, Pema Diki Sherpa, Asha Kumari Singh, Niomdoma Sherpa and photographer Ang Tshiring Sherpa. The expedition has a target of scaling all the highest peaks of the seven continents. So far it has climbed Everest, Kosciuszko, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua. Now, peak Vinson Massif of Antarctica is the destination of expedition.

June, 25, 2014 Pakistan K2 Expedition reaches base camp at 5000 m, and are setting ABC.

June, 25, 2014 Brief Report On The UAAA Council Meeting In Hong Kong 2014

June, 20, 2014 Kilian Jornet set Denali record: ascent +descent 11 hrs 48 min!

June, 3, 2014 Denali. Jing Wang June, 1 flew to Kahiltna glacier basecamp to start the climb of West Ridge with AMS guides.

May, 31, 2014 Kangchenjunga. Normal route. The international team summited May, 18: Zorok Lakpa - giude, Nepal,
Chatur Tamng (Nepal/Russia)
Lakpa Chiri Sherpa (Nepal)
Oksana Mornava (Russia)
Arkady Ryzhenko (Russia)
Andrew Manuilov (Russia)
Tulsi Pradzh (India)
Purba Sherpa (Nepal)
Tashio Masimoto (Japan)
Pemba Sherpa (Nepal)

May, 27, 2014 Jing Wang summited Everest from South side!

May, 19, 2014 Kangchenjunga, normal route. Jorge Egocheaga and Martin Ramos summited without bottled oxygen, at 10-00 May, 18

May, 19, 2014 Cho Oyu (8201) MAI team summited today: Yuri Kruglov, Mikhail Volkov, Nick Sinjushin, Anna Frankevich, Anna Tsvetova and Pavel Tsvetov. Descended to C3.

May, 19, 2014 Elbrus: The body of lost climber Ukraininan Nickolay Zubritsky has been found by rescuers May, 16 near Pastuhkov rocks.

May, 19, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Denis: Summited Kangchenjunga on 9-40. Now I'm in C4. Nobody else there. Continue to descend to C3.

May, 18, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Denis wrote in his facebook, that Alex, Adam and Dmitry reached 8350 on 16-30, and returned to C4. Denis and Artjom are in C4.

May, 18, 2014 Kangchenjunga, normal route. Carlos Soria (75) summited today! Congrats! He descended to C3. Photo: Carlos Soria Twitter.

May, 15, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Alex, Adam & Dmitry ascended to C2.

May, 14, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Urubko about the nearest plans. Alex, Adam & Dmitry are in C1 (6000).

May, 12, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Happy birthday, Adam!

May, 12, 2014 Everest (Nepal side) American climber Cleo Weidlich, 51, is on her way to Lhotse, and Chineese Wang Jing, 40, is heading to Everest.

May, 11, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. BC. The team climb not original British route, but more left and steep.

May, 9, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Alex, Adam & Dmitry are at 7020 m, about North col

May, 8, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Denis: Artjom and me - we ascended to 7050 m. Alex, Adam and Dmitry going to set C3. We are going to spend the night in the snow cave at 6600 m. Very tired. heading up tomorrow.

May, 6, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. The third acclimatization push. Yesterday Denis and Artjom ascended to C1. Others started today morning. Now they're in C2 (6600 m). "We have supper in C2. We hardly found our deposit - it took us 6 hours! We're heading futher tomorrow".

May, 5, 2014 Thamserku (6623 m) SW Face (Nepal) After the difficult climb Alexey Lonchinsky and Alexander Gukov reached the top! They did the first climb on the SW Face. Descended already to Monjo.

May, 3, 2014 Lobuche, Ama Dablam, Ukrainian expedition (Odessa alpclub). Yuri Kilichenko wrote, that the team climbed new route on Lobuche. "The top, planned as training before the main goal Ama Dablam, appeared very serious. We summited after 8 days climb, the new route to Lobuche East. Via two bastions on the East Face, and the diagonal ledge between them. The route is 6A Russian grade, not 5B, as we hoped. We named it "Two arrows flight". Altitude difference 700 m, average steepness 70 degrees. Rock climbing difficulty till 6B, A3. Three nights on the wall. Summited and then descended in no visibility, and heavy snowfall. Now we're on Deboche, searching the weather forecasts...

May, 3, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. May, 1 Denis and Alex set C2 (6600 m), Adam, Artjom and Dmitry climb there next day. Dan and Alex hoped to summit May, 2, but were obliged to descent to BC. Other three rested in C2, when the small avalanche burried their tent. Only little shock, nobody was injured. All is in BC now.

May, 1, 2014 Ama Dablam (6812 m). In the camp at about 5000 m April 29-30 two Russian climbers died from HAPE: Victor Igolkin (62, Magnitogorsk) and Pavel Ivanovsky (52, Zlatoust). Victor was The Master of Sports of USSR and Russia, 4-times Champion of USSR in mountaineering, Snow Leopard, mountaineering instruktor, coach of the highest category, leader of the Magnitigirsk mountaineering club. He was awardwd by "Edelweiss" order. Pavel was a journalist from "Zlatoust worker".

 Victor Igolkin
Pavel Ivanovsky

April, 29, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. The second push. The goal is to set C2 at 7000 m (North Col). The expedition loads finally arrived to base camp last Friday. However, Alex's personal luggage is missing.

April, 24, 2014 Tulagi (7056 m) Tulagi Russian team abandoned the climb Apr, 24 in 200 m before summit

April, 23, 2014 Thamserku (6623 m) SW Face (Nepal) We'll start to climb tomorrow

April, 23, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face. Detailed plans

April, 22, 2014 Tulagi (7056 m) We'll climb the bastion tomorrow

April, 21, 2014 Thamserku (6623 m) SW Face (Nepal) Acclimatized on Island peak.

April, 21, 2014 Kangchenjunga NW Face.The team reached the BC.

April, 21, 2014 Tulagi (7056 m) reached 5000 m.

April, 18, 2014 Everest. The huge avalanche struck at about 6:45am local time at an altitude of about 5,800 metres.13 Sherpas deaths and 3 Sherpas missing. All climbing activities are shut down on the Nepalese/South side of Everest/

The Home Ministry as well as the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation have confirmed the death of 12 mountaineers so far. Mingma Nuru Sherpa, Dorji Sherpa, Ang Tshiri Sherpa,
Nima Sherpa, Phurba Ongyal Sherpa, Lakpa Tenjing Sherpa, Chhring Ongchu Sherpa, Dorjee Khatri, Then Dorjee Sherpa, Phur Tempa Sherpa, Pasag Karma Sherpa, Asman Tamang. Still missing according to the Ministry: Tenzing Chottar Sherpa, Ankaji Sherpa, Pem Tenji Sherpa,
Ash Bahadur Gurung

April, 15, 2014 Everest. Around 300 climbers will attempt to conquer Mount Everest this year's spring climbing season from Nepal side. Around 300 climbers including youngest Mathew Momiz, 16 and oldest William Mithcell Burkey, 73, from the US and women climbers Deerness Joy Christine, 65, from New Zealand and Azer Alyssa Nicole, 18, from Australia.

April, 4, 2014 Ama Dablam. THe expedition organized by Odessa club, will strt April, 8. The team plan to climb Bashkirov route (6a Russian Grade) via South Face and East ridge. Members are: Yuri Kilichenko, Maxim Perevalov, Piotr POberezhny, Yuri Vlasenkov.

April, 4, 2014 Thamserku (6623 m) SW Face (Nepal) The duo from Saint Petersburg Alexey Lonchinsky and Alexander Gukov left for Kathmandu March, 30. THey have briefing today. The mountain is connected by a ridge leading eastward to Kangtega. Thamserku is a prominent mountain to the east of Namche Bazaar and lies just north of Kusum Kanguru.

April, 4, 2014 Azerbaijan climbers Israfil Ashurly and Firuz Dadashev today left for Nepal, they are going to Shishapangma (8027 m). They'll climb w/o oxygen and Sherpas. Israfil is Snow Leopard, climbed Everest and Kangchenjunga, took part in 58 expeditions. Firuz climbed four 7000ers in Pamir and Tien Shan

March, 30, 2014 The Piolets d'Or 2014 was awarded to two ascents: the NW Face of K6 (Canadians Raphael Slawinsky and Ian Welsted) and the South Face of Annapurna solo (Swiss Ueli Steck). The South Face of Annapurna ascent (Stephane Benoist and Yannick Graziani) received a Special Mention, while Lifetime Achievement award was given to John Roskelley.

March, 26, 2014 Tulagi (7056 m) Yesterday the expedition from St. Petersburg started. Climbers are: Valeri Shamalo, Ruslan Kirichenko, Denis Sushko and Andrew Golubev. The planning route: from the north-east.

March, 24, 2014 Winter Climbing Nanga Parbat | An Unfinished Anecdote

March, 20, 2014 Jing Wang: 7 summits +2 poles program. In 2014 she had already reached South Pole and tops of Vinson peak, Aconcagua, Kosciusko, Carstensz, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus

March, 1, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter: The attempt of Nanga winter first climb has been abandoned on the both sides

February, 16, 2014 American climber Chad Kellogg killed by rockfall in Patagonia. Kellogg and Jens Holsten had climbed the Afanassieff Route on Fitz Roy. They reached the top on Feb, 14 and began their descent via the Supercanaleta route. After the third rappel, one of the ropes got stuck, and while pulling on the cord to try to loosen it, "the rope dislodged a block which hit Chad," Garibotti wrote at "He died instantly. It was 9 p.m. Jens continued the descent alone through the night, reaching the base early in the morning to then continue to El Chalten, the nearest town. Because of the complexities of the location, a body recovery will not be attempted."

Very sad news. Our condolences to his friends and family...

February, 13, 2014 Kilian Jornet voted People's Choice Adventurer of the Year

January, 28, 2014 Nanga Parbat Winter: the Bace Camp at 4500. Planned the normal route. No news yet.

December, 15 2013 Russsian Piolet D'Or awarded to Alexander Ruchkin and Vjacheslav Ivanov for Kusum Kanguru climb (new route "Falling into the Void"). Crystal Peak awarded to Denis Veretenin and Jack Bashkirtsev for the new route on Uli Biaho. Steel Angel awarded to women team Marina Kopteva, Galina CHibitok and Anastasia Petrova for their climb to Tengkampoche (route "Fight for love")

Photo by Denis Clero




December, 4 2013 Seven Snow Leopards have registered this year, but only two of them have finished the program in 2013: nobody summited Pobeda peak and Communism peak in sesin 2013. Shataev's Table

October, 10 2013. Tengmoche (Tengkangpoche). Nepal. Women trio for the new route. Marina Kopteva, Galina Chibitok and Anastasia Petrova! Summit! SMS today: "52 hrs from the end of fixed ropes to the top, plus the descent. Without rest and food. 17 days fron all 19 on the wall were in extremely bad weather and 10 of them - awful snowfalls! It was the most difficult and scary route ever for us!" The new line was called "THe buttle for the love"

October, 10 2013. Ueli Steck summits Annapurna, alone up South Face. He's back to BC already. Info:

September, 25 2013. VIII International Elbrus Race. Results. Kilian Jornet and Vitaly Shkel reached the finish line at 5000 m simultaneously: 2 hrs 37 min 06 sec

September, 12 2013. VIII International Elbrus Race. Press release

August, 29 2013 Cerro Torre climbed in winter. Stephan Siegrist, Dani Arnold, Thomas Huber and Matias Villavicencio has made an outstanding and extremely rare winter ascent by climbing Via dei Ragni and summiting on 30 July. The first winter ascent of Cerro Torre was carried out in 1985 by the Italians Paolo Caruso, Maurizio Giarolli, Ermanno Salvaterra and Andrea Sarchi who climbed Maestri's Compressor Route.



August, 29 2013 Tengmoche. Nepal. Women trio for the new route. Marina Kopteva, Galina Chibitok and Anastasia Petrova! Khan TEngri Sviridenko route

August, 29 2013 Khan Tengri. Aug, 19 Krasnoyarsk team (Pugovkin, Yanushevich, Kalita, Zhigalov) climbed Sviridenko route (SouthWest Face), variant, 6B Russian grade, 4 nights (record time). Congrats! (photo Sviridenko route, 1982)


August, 22 2013 Kilian Jornet has now run up the Matterhorn Lion ridge, from Cervinia centre in 2hrs 52mins , the record was until then in the hands of Bruno Brunod (1995, 3 hrs 14 min). Catalan started at 15-00 from the church of the Italian town of Cervinia to reach the top (4478 m) in 1h56'15 " The first section consists of mountain roads, the second section consists of snow. Finally, 1,000 meters were climbing with fixed ropes. Kilian will travel to Russia next to try to set the record the ascent and descent of Elbrus (5642m).

Vladimir SuvigaAugust, 16 2013 Jubilees. Vladimir Suviga (Kazakhstan): 60! Bio and achievements. In bithday Vladimir was awarded a medal of the Kazakhstan Olympic Committee

August, 16 2013 Elbrus records: Andrzej Bargiel, Svetlana Sharipova, Anton Proshenko. Are you registered on VIII INternational Elbrus Race?

August, 15 2013 Denis Veretenin and Eugeny Bashkirtsev just climbed new route on Uli Biaho, East Face center.7 days ( including 3 days bad weather)

August, 12 2013 President of Czech Mountaineering Federation dies in an accident on Gasherbrum I.

Press Release Alpine Club of Pakistan

August, 1 2013 Trango. Ircutsk climbers Eugeny Bashkirtsev and Denis Veretenin climbed Nameless Tower. Slovenian route, in 1,5 days + the descent.

 29 July, 2013 Denis Urubko is 40 today! The jubilee interwiev (on Russian)






28 July, 2013 2. Marty Schmidt and his son, Denali, have been killed by an avalanche at Camp 3. have found their tent, damaged by the avalanche. THey reached it Jult, 26. No contacts from next morning. The Sherpas have found their tent, damaged by the avalanche.. Marty was Schmidt, 53, and Denali, 25

28 July, 2013 2. All teams decided to abort the attempts because of bad snow conditions on the route. Only Marty Schmidt and his son Denali stay on K2.

28 July, 2013 Gasherbrum I. The week ago Spanish climbers Xevi Gomez, Alvaro Paredes and Abel Alonso reached the top. But no contacts then from July, 22. All attempts to search missing climbers were failed. Guys were officially announced died. Our sinsere condolences...

21 July, 2013 Peak Pogrebetskogo. Kazakhs Gennady Durov and Murat Otepbaev climbed the new route. Detales later.

16 July, 2013 Nanga Parbat. Romanians summited!!! Four climbers - Marius Gane, Teo Vlad, Zsolt Torok and Aurel Salasan - Jult, 18 set camp at 7500 . Marius started from the camp on 1 a.m. (and reached the summit first), others summited on 4 a.m.


16 July, 2013 Nanga Parbat. Romanians climbed up to C5 (7300 m) today. There are three of team members. Tomorrow they're going to set next high-altitude camp, and July, 18 to reach the top from there.

15 July, 2013 Khan Tengri direct. SErguey Seliverstov (Bishkek) and SErge Hardi (France) are going to climb direct on KHan's South Face. Previous attempt was in 1982 by the team from Leningrad (Gennady Isachenko (leader), Yuri Razumov, Boris Silin, Andrew Laletin, Nick Shustrov, Victor Kozlovsky and Yuri Stroganov). At 6500 they were forced to traverse to the Marble ridge. On black-white picture - the route 1982 . On colour picture - the line which duo hopes to climb.

-.    -.

11 July, 2013 Gasherbrum I. Marcin Kaczkan confirmed Artur's death. Artur fell while descending Japanese Couloir and died. Our sincere condolences to the family and friends...

9 July, 2013 Gasherbrum I. Artur Hajzer missed. Marcin is rescued and on the way down to camp 1. Tomorrow he probably will reach basecamp.

"On Sunday, July 7 Artur Hajzer and Marcin Kaczkan left the camp III (7150 m) to reach the summit of Gasherbrum I (8068 m). Upon reaching the height of 7600 m, they turned back due to strong wind broke off the summit. Reached the camp III (7150 m) and using radio connected with the BC, the expedition
cook, indicating that they will descend to Camp II (6400m) and everything is fine."

"Also on Sunday at 11AM Polish time (1400hrs local time) Isabella Hajzer received a text message from her husband in which he wrote:" Marcin Kaczkan fallen Japanese couloir." We have not managed to make contact with Artur Hajzer, since then. We started rescue operation, managed by the German Gasherbrum Expedition leader Thomas Laemmle. During the night of Sunday to Monday, he sent a team of high-altitude porters, whose aim was to reach Camp II (6400 m). Due to strong winds and snow, they only managed to reach the camp I and turned back to the BC. During the night of Monday to Tuesday weather improved. From Camp I (6000 m) left the group of Russian climbers who reached the camp in the morning and found Marcin there " (

8 July, 2013 Broad peak. July, 4 Josef Inhoger reached the summit. It was the first summit in Karakorum in this season. Other six climbers were forced to turn bach from the foresummit due to the deep snow and no fixed ropes.

Jacek Berbeka, the brother of Maciej Berbeka, who missed March, 5 during the descent from the summit, had organized the expedition for search the bodies of Maciej and Tomasz Kowalski. 3 days ago German climbers had found the body of one of Polish climbers at 7900 m. It's unclear yet, was it Maciej or Tomasz. opes to reach that point in the nearest days.

Nanga Parbat. Strong wind didn't allow the team to go for summit. They have descended to lower camp, now and will wait for another summit weather window.

5 July, 2013 Nanga Parbat. Romanian team yesterday set C4 at 7200 m. Tonight they are planning the summit bid.

2 July, 2013 In those 2 weeks, when I was out of info sourses (Internet and others) the awful tragedy happened in Nanga Parbat BC (Diamir Face) June, 22. Taliban gunmen murdered ten foreign mountaineers and a Pakistani cook. The victims included three Ukrainians, three Chinese, two Slovaks, a Nepali, a Pakistani, and a Lithuanian. Only two - Pakistani Sher Khan and Chineese Zhang Jingchuan stayed alive in BC, and called for help. Pakistan Army helicopters landed in BC next morning. Other climbers, who were in higher camps on mountain, descended to BC and were evacuated to the army base, then to Islamabad.

The list of victims:

Ukrainians Igor Svergun, Kashaev Badawi, Konyaev Dmitry, Chineses Rao Jianfeng, Yang Chunfeng, Honglu Chen, Lithuanian, Ernestas Marksaitis, Nepali Sona Sherpa, Pakistani Ali Hussain, Slovaks Anton Dobes Peter Sperka... My deepest condolences...

18 June, 2013 Nanga Parbat, International expedition. Attempted to reach C2, but were forced to turn back because of heavy snowfalls. Romanians on Rupal Face set C1 June, 14.

12 June, 2013 Nanga Parbat, International expedition. June, 9 the team arrived to BC. Next day the group ascended to set C1.

7 June, 2013 Nanga Parbat. Pakistani climbers Karim Hayyat, Naseer Uddin Sher Khan set C1 on Kinshofer route.

6 June, 2013 Nanga Parbat, Ukrainian expedition. Kinshofer route. Today started. Members: Igor Svergun (leader), Alexander Zakolodny, Dmitry Konjaev, Mikhail Kolotushkin, Danil Yasjuk, Badavi Kashaev, Bidzina Gudzhabidze (Georgia), Afi Gigani (Georgia), Anton Dobes (Slovakia), Peter Shperka (Slovakia).

5 June, 2013 Nanga Parbat, International expedition. Flew to Islamabad June, 3. Kinshofer route. Members: Ola (Aleksandra) Dzik (POL, leader), Nina Adjanin (SER), Ismail Asgarov (AZ), Israfil AShurly (AZ), Saulius Damulevichius (LTH), Gabriel Filippi (CAN), Igor Karabin (UKR), Gennady Kirievsky (RUS), Gleb Sokolov (RUS), Alexey Kosjakov (RUS), Alexander Lutokhin (RUS), Andrew Manuilov (RUS), Ernestas Marksaitis (LTH), Oleg Obrizan (RUS), Dmitry Sinev (RUS), Yacek Teler (POL), Ivan Tomov (BOL-RUS), Mikhail Veshagin (RUS), Natalia Zenina (LTV).

28 May, 2013 Denis Urubko wrote the detailes of Alex Bolotov's death

18 May, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. PetersburgThe team descended to BC.

16 May, 2013 Everest. Alexey's body has been airlifted to Kathmandu already. Denis(8 p.m.): three of us - me, Damien Binigas and Lakpa Sherpa - flew to the bottom of the wall, packed the body, carried it to the convenient point (100 m), where the pilot Maurizio Folini took the body and then us too.

16 May, 2013 Lhotse. Victor Koval and Sergey Kondrashkin summited Lhotse today, about 1 p.m. Descended to 7800.

Alexey Bolotov15 May, 2013 Everest. Can't, can't, can't believe... Good bye, Alex...

Today Morning Alexey Bolotov died on Everest at 5600.

14 May, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis and Alex will start tomorrow to new route. They're planning 8 days ascent and 2 days descent.






14 May, 2013 Kyajo Ri: Marina Kopteva and Vladimir Belousov climbed new route on East ridge.

13 May, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. Petersburg The team returned to BC after the rest in valley. Today they began the summit bid: ascended to C2. It snowing.

9 May, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis and Alex are in the valley, Deboche village. The final rest before the new route.

9 May, 2013 Russian climber Sergey Ponomarev (from 7 summits team Alexander Abramov) died from the heart attack May, 5 on the trek 100 m above ABC on Everest North route.

8 May, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. Petersburg Guys reached 7850 m, made a deposit with the tent, and then descended to BC.

7 May, 2013 Denis Urubko and Alex Bolotov acclimatized at 8000 m two nights and returned to BC.

4 May, 2013 Denis Urubko "Khumbu Wars"

1 May, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis returned to BC after recovering in Deboche. Duo going to acclimatize more at 7000 m before the alpine style climb

29 April, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. Petersburg The team set C3 at 7150 m

25 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Yesterday the duo reached 7400 and set C3 on normal route for other climbers. Then descended to BC. Today they're going to the valley, Deboche village, for some days rest in green zone, - before the start to the main goal - newroute in alpine style on Everest SW Face.

23 April, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. Petersburg The team set C2 at 6500 m. Descended to BC for the rest

19 April, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. Petersburg The team reached BC

18 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Alex: Weve managed to view our route closelya very good one. Is it scary? Yes, it is! We should make it as quick as possible. But the goal for today is to complete our acclimatization.

17 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Yesterday Urubko and Bolotov ascended to 7000 m on Lhotse slope

13 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style.Denis and Alex are in Everest BC

9 April, 2013 Lhotse. Trio from S. Petersburg heading Lhotse normal route. Team: Victor Koval, Serguey Kondrashkin and Alexey Borodenkov

8 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. "Were in a valley, after 7000 m.

8 April, 2013 Andrey Verkhovod: Denis Urubko and Alexei Bolotov: The Everest new route Game Plan

6 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style."Weve made through the second and the third icefall and stopped at 6700 m. ..."

6 April, 2013 Controversially, the Jury of the 2013 Piolets d'Or has awarded all six nominated ascents a Piolet D'Or

5 April, 2013 Piolet D'Or 2013. Yesterday the 5th Piolets dOr Lifetime Achievement awarded to Kurt Diemberger. (Photo(c) Anna Piunova)

Kurt Diemberger

4 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Glacier, 6000 m. We're spending this night near Ghiachunkang, with Everest in the distance.

3 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis and Alex arrived to Dragnak

3 April, 2013 Elbrus: on the slope at 4900 m near Pastukhov rocks rescuers found bodies of climbers, who were missing in the beginning of March: Pole Pavel Gostinski and Iraninan Ali-Atabi Sirelli. Now they're transporting to the valley.

2 April, 2013 English winter attempt of Russian route on Eiger North Face

1 April, 2013 First complete traverse of the Torres del Paine

1 April, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis and Alex had two nights at 5800 m, now they're going to Gokyo

25 March, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis and Alex are in Namche, talk about their next days plans

Denis Urubko & Alex Bolotov24 March, 2013 Everest SW Face in alpine style. Denis and Alex are taking a plane from Kathmandu to Lukla today.

22 March, 2013 The last surviving Everest 1st ascent team member George Lowe has passed away in England aged 89yr

21 March, 2013 Snow Leopards: Vladimir Yakovlev and Georgy Redetsiy, who had completed the program years ago, had just registered their achievements in Shataev's list (#601, 602).

20 March, 2013 Gleb Sokolov didn't find enough money for his Everest project (new line on Kanchung Face in alpine style), so postponed it to next year

20 March, 2013 Juerg Marmet (b 1927, 2nd ascent of Everest on 23rd May 1956) died...

20 March, 2013 Everest SW Face, new route in alpine style. Today Denis Urubko and Alexey Bolotov start from Moscow


12 March, 2013 XXI Piolet D'Or nominees.

8 March, 2013 Simone Moro about the drama on Broad Peak and winter mountaineering in the Himalaya


Snow Leopards

Women -Snow Leopards.

Shataev's list - athlets, who registered and got the sign "The conquer of all USSR' 7000ers".

Winter 2013: Broad peak winter climb / Nanga Parbat winter attempt / Chhurim Sherpa Guinness Record / Denis Urubko

Fall 2012: VII International Elbrus Race. Results and photogallery from the summit and award ceremony. / Annapurna avlanche

Summer 2012: BASK company jubilee - 20! / Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock climb Slovak Direct on Denali / Karl Unterkircher Award won by women Great Trango Tower expedition / Denis Urubko welcomed the athletes of VII International Elbrus Race /

Spring 2012: Gasherbrum I Winter expedition / Simone Moro found the body of Russian climber Alexey Gorbatenkov on TengKampoche Face.

Winter 2012: K2 Winter Russian expedition. / Nanga Parbat winter expedition. /

Fall 2011: K2 Winter Russian expedition. /The women Piolet D'Or team interview: Marina Kopteva, Galina Chibitok and Anna Yasinskaya. 38 days in the Parallel World.

Gennady Durov about p. Pobeda climb (August, 2011): "I tried not to look up only in front of me..."

Summer 2011: Denis Urubko about the new route on Pobeda peak /K2 from the China: International team /Latok III. / Nanga Parbat. Kyrgyz-Russian team / Elbrus lady-champions became the Ternua Female Team - Gasherbrums 2011.

Spring 2011: Greenland. The dream of virgin walls. Alexander Ruchkin and Mikhail Mikhailov / Kangchenjunga. Russian expedition /

Tulagi, Bielorussian Himalaya Expedition. / Alexander Ruchkin: "Search bold, and you will find many magical peaks ...."

Winter 2011: Gasherbrum II Winter expedition.

November 2010: International Mountain Summit (IMS),

September 2010: VI International Elbrus Race. The top results 2005-2010.

VI International Elbrus Race. The results on Extreme and Classic routes./ New hut on the col between Elbrus tops

August 2010: Elbrus Race - the gate to the real altitude VI International Elbrus Race: Girls will run for the first time in "Extreme" class!

Artur Hajzer interview: I want to build the team for Himalaya Winter climbs. / Interview with Israfil Ashurly.

June - July 2010: Karakorum, Amin Brakk, Women expedition. / Sivera supports VI International ELBRUS RACE.

April - May 2010: Lhotse, Russian expedition.

1-st Everest Sherpa wall climbing competition. / Annapurna 2010 / New Route on Matterhorn. Father-and-son

March 2010: Lhotse, Russian expedition. / Makalu, Ukraine expedition. SW Face new route attepmt.

January 2010: Kwangde Lho, David Falt and Vassily Pivtsov. New route isn't real, they'll try Russian route.

Cerro Torre. Italian Fabio Giacomelli died in an avalanche January 1 at the base of Cerro Torre.

October - December 2009: 8 nominees for Piolet D'Or Russia 2009. The ceremony will be Dec, 5 in Moscow ??????? ???????, ??????, 2009. ?????????? ????? ??????? ??????????

"The fourth girl" - Russians climbed new route on Siguniang, 6250 m, / Gleb Sokolov: New route to Pobeda.

Film about K2 West Face expedition (2007) awarded by Gold Alpine Camera om mountain film festival in Graz.
????? "??????? ????? ?2" ??????? ???? "??????? ?????? 2009" ?? ????????????? ????????????? ? ?????

Denis Urubko and Boris Dedeshko awarded Piolet D'Or Asia 2009 for their climb (Cho Oyu, SE Face) in alpine style! ????? ?????? ? ????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ??????? ???? ?? ??????????? ?? ?? ???

Kazakh skyrunner Andrew Puchinin set Kilimandjaro speed climb record: 5 hrs 24 min 40 sec.
?????? ??????? (??????) ????????? ?????? ?? ????????????

Jasemba South Face first climb in Alpine Style

September 2009:
Elbrus Race top results 2005-2009. Statistics by Rodrigo Granzotto Peron
V International ELBRUS RACE results. New record on Classic route.
Ukrainian young lady Maria Khitrikova, Italian Colli TibaldiLuca, Czech Marhan Milan, Russian Roman Gubanov and others will try to win V International ELBRUS RACE...
"Balyberdin" Elbrus races (1989-90). The story by American climber Kevin Cooney about the competition in 1990
"Balyberdin" Elbrus races (1989-90). The story how the idea of mountain speed ascent contest had occurred in USSR.
XXIII Rock Master

June - July 2009: Austrian speedclimber Christian Stangl back to K2 this year - for the speed climb record on Abruzzi route.
The 8th Rock Junior will take place at Arco (Garda Trentino, Italy) on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 June 2009.

April- May 2009: E-Gongga, 6618 ?. /Cho Oyu (8203 m), South-East Face. First climb in alpine style. Denis Urubko and Boris Dedeshko.

March 2009: Winter Himalaya climb. Denis Urubko interview about Makalu 2009 expedition.

Januar y 2009: Winter Makalu expedition. Ueli Steck climbed Matterhorh in 2 hrs 56 min

December 2008: Eugeny Beletsky - the Russian mountaineering legend (1908 - 1979)
Denis Urubko. Makalu rules. (Before the start Makalu winter expedition with Simone Moro) /????? ??????. ??????? ??????

September 2008: IV International Elbrus Race. Press release. International Elbrus Race 2008

July 2008: Denis Urubko. Annapurna days.

May 2008:
Annapurna. Serguey Bogomolov Makalu (Urubko team) Annapurna. International Expedition. INCREDIBLE RESCUE
?????????, ?????? ?????????, ??????? ???????. ?????? ?????? ????. ??????, ??????? ??????????

March - April 2008:
Annapurna. Serguey Bogomolov Makalu (Urubko team)

January - February 2008:
Patagonia. Rolando Garibotti and Colin Haley did the first ever traverse of Torre
Kazakh Makalu Winter attempt ?????? ??????????? ?? ??????: ??????? ??????? ?????????? Caucasus Women's cup Broad peak: Simone Moro's attempt. ????? ???: ?????? ??????? ?????? ????

November - December 2007:
Tomas Humar: New Alpine Solo Route on the South Face of Annapurna. ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????????
First Russian Piolet D'Or for 2007 best Russian climb ??????? ??????? ?????? 2007 ???????? ??????? ?? ??????????? ???????? ????? ?2

September - October 2007: Denis Urubko - Serguey Samoilov: K2 new route from the North. International Elbrus Race 2007.

August 2007:
K2 NW ridge Kazakhstan expedition.K2 West Face expedition.
Denis Urubko - Serguey Samoilov: K2 new route from the North.

July 2007:
K2 NW ridge Kazakhstan expedition./ ?????????? ??????? ?????????? ?? ?2 ? ??????
Broad peak. The team of "Romantic Chiefs"
Krasnoyarsk Broad Peak - Trango expedition
K2 West Face expedition. ?????????? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?? ?2 ?? ???????? ?????
Denis Urubko - Serguey Samoilov: K2 new route from the North./ ?????????? ?????? ?????? ? ?????? ????????? ?? ?2 (??????? ??????????? ?? ????????? ?????)
?????????? ??????? ??????????? ?? ??????

?????????? ?????? ?? ?2 ?? ????????

July 2005: ???????? ???????? ?? ???????? ????? ?2 / Reconnaissance K2 West Face route

2002: Meru Central Peak (6310m), / Valery Babanov won Piolet d'Or 2002 // Khan Tengri Winter climb / KAZAKHSTAN KANGCHENJUNGA EXPEDITION /North Face of Troll Wall / Lhotse- Saint Petersburg - 2002 Expedition /film "Russian 8000-peak" /

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